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  1. You just got your two sits mixed up. Check the times of death and advert. It doesnt add up. I accepted the warn the first time because i had NO CLUE if i shot him or not. How could he say that in 0.10 seconds? And once again you didnt let me speak in the sit so i couldnt say if he was lying or not. I am also done so its up to which ever admin reads this.
  2. Please explain to me how he could explain the cost in.10 seconds when he killed me? He didn't he walked up to me, typed mug, and shot me. You weren't there so how would you know if he said anything? Also I mentioned his rank because you said he was new or could have been new. He was a Donator. I saw him on many times before. He never said not to move either. There are no videos so how would you know? Check the advert time and death time. Impossible to say the cost and don't move.
  3. Epic he was a Donator... A verbal should be if they don't know the rule they broke. But he knew it. He was a pro thief.
  4. Also i may add for anyone else who sees this, why would someone get a verbal if they know they are breaking a rule and purposely broke it to rdm me
  5. Also the mug was RDM, FailRP, and a false advert. How is that not a big deal? rdm because it was a false advert. (it was just mug, no prices or kos reasons at all) and killing me literally 0.1 seconds after the advert.
  6. The window was indeed broken. Just saying, the logs show it being broken because maybe the shots didnt ACTUALLY hit him and he shot back as you said. I never got to share those kinds of possibilities because you wouldnt let me speak. Im not saying that happened before you get mad and start yelling at me, im saying it COULD HAVE but i never got to speak on my behalf.
  7. The logs will show a lot more because i killed him at the end after he shot at me back (and if i did shoot him he was allowed to do) but the point of the report isnt the first its the second one.
  8. I told you 19 times why i did but as i said you never listened to me in the sit. I told you if you look at someone through a window you cant see their name, so i shot it to see who it was and it happenes that a shot hit him.. for 9 damage.. If i was aiming directly at him it would have done a lot more.
  9. Just saying, at first when i shot at the WINDOW it was just one shot that hit him and he shot at me back. I was not aiming directly at him, I dont know why i would purposely break a well know rule? I was using the AN - 94 on burst so it has a large spray. If i would have been using a draganov it would not have hit him. Also i do not see how its a minor offence? they are both the same. Both rdm but one is failrp as well so i dont understand how its not as large? And if the logs show me aiming directly at him, dont you think it would have done more than the like 9 damage it did? If i would have been aiming directly at him with a AN - 94 on burst it would have done MUCH more damage.
  10. Yeah but i specifically asked for him to be warned. He had malicious intent in the mug and i have seen multiple people be warned for that stuff. If you agree he was breaking a commonly known rule, and he said he did, and i asked for him to be warned because he did the same to me, why give him a verbal? If you show him grace why not show me any? You wouldnt even listen to what happened in the first sit but in the second you were on his side again. It seemed like you thought i was being a minge or something? And i never said you DID know him i said I don't know if you do, thanks for clarifying.
  11. Your In-Game (RP) Name:Dak Which staff member are you reporting: EpicGamerThatIsCool Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Alright so what happened is this dude was in a window and i shot around him to break the window to see who it was and i guess a shot mustve hit him (my gun was a burst) and i was warned for it, it was over. I didn't care because i was in the wrong because it hit him on accident. But then after the person who got shot in the window, walked up to me, adverted "mug" just "mug" and shot me. I was not moving, I was typing in ooc. I called an admin sit and when it was all said and done epic said it was fail rp so i thought it was over and done with but when i asked for him to be warned epic said he was just going to verbally warn him. I asked again specifically to warn him because it was on purpose, he had intent to kill me, not mug me, and he said no. I understand its up to their best judgement and all but he purposely mugged me with the intention to kill me. What i dont understand is that he was very happy to warn me for something was was an accident but when its something that was on purpose he was so quick to not warn him. When i asked for him to warn him he said "uhhhhhhhhhh im not sure-.." I dont know if they are friends, because if they are it was a biased sit. When i was in the first sit they wouldnt even listen to my side. but they were VERYY careful with the next one. I don't want my warn removed, it was my fault and i got that but i think that the sit was pretty biased. Sorry i was not recording at the time i didn't think anything was going to happen. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: 11:22:12 PM Stickers ➞ Pro Thiefm9k_dragunov headcrab: mug That was his advert. Epic even said that it was failrp and it was like .5 seconds between the mug and kill 11:22:13 PM dak ➞ Terrorist user was killed by Stickers ➞ Pro Thief m9k_dragunov headcrab with a m9k_dragunov is when he killed me
  12. also i would like to add that we never warned you, although we could have
  13. Well to start of, we brough you because your fading door to the entrance of your base was not picklockable. We did not make you remove it we just asked you to fix it before we continue our raid. That could have been as simple as changing all of the props in the door to one keybind, but you removed it. Problem fixed. We returned you to continue with our raid and noticed you were shooting through materialized fences and killed slugh with it. based on your logic, if someone has an illegal base, the person raiding isnt allowed to use that to their advantage? Also there were many other problems with your base. There was a blackout box on the right and a crouch area on the left. Also on the left you had to jump crouch into some no-collided props to get to your bitminers and printers, which i wasnt even able to get to them all because i couldnt reach. My video is uploading and i will attach it when it is done. Fhttps://youtu.be/iSrQLwMbKLo
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