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  1. The first video depicts kristem becoming a cop, walking into pd, locking himself into the cell behind me. The next video shows him in the cell back there, you hear the door open, and thats odd comes out and shoots me. When I asked thats odd why he failrpd, his defense was "Your face is FailRP"
  2. Your In-Game (RP) name: Dak Player's In-Game (RP) name: Thats Odd and Kristem Stirfry Player's Steam ID: (Type: ulx copyid "Playername" in console) Thats Odd: 'STEAM_0:1:117856432' Kristem 'STEAM_0:1:99506979' Describe how the player broke the rules: I was mayor, kristem becomes a cop, walks into jail next to me, teleports thats odd into jail and kills me which demotes me. Evidence of the player breaking the rules: This video shows Kristem becoming a cop, and locking himself in the jail cell behind me. Keep in mind I have been mayor for like 5 minutes. New video.mp4
  3. firefox. idgaf about browsers as long as i can still look shit up its all the same
  4. i want to have fun with cc weapons i agree with this suggestion
  5. a baby bear, a monkey, or a little baby tiger would be fucking sick
  6. Dak

    breeze false ban

    ur good man i appealed it. i appreciate the apology bro id like for this thread to be removed. its okay now you sound sincere.
  7. Im standing next to a mod on a roof. Make a new one im sure he will respond
  8. My guy two mods on at the time both on duty taking sits, i litterally said i was in the wrong. This is a total waste of time you could have simply just called a mod.
  9. Dak

    RDM x2 by Dak

    So my health magically went from 100 to 82? makes no sense. Even if you didnt shoot me it was a misunderstanding dont need to get butthurt over it
  10. Dak

    RDM x2 by Dak

    Apparently you dont know what crossfire means. It means accidental buddy. And once again, and the last time im going to repeat it, i was shot and see you shooting, i turn and shot. simple.
  11. Dak

    RDM x2 by Dak

    Also Lonely the Smoke God was the jug who shot a tazer at me, he may or may not remember it idk
  12. Dak

    RDM x2 by Dak

    So the first time i killed you was in pd. I was shot at by a jug and hit you. I tried to advert crossfire but was tazed at the time. I even said in vc it was crossfire. I said in ooc it was crossfire. Second time you were shooting at someone and my health went from 100 to 82. I see you shooting so i shot back. Im sorry if you didnt hit me the second time but thats what it looked like on my side although im fairly certian you are the one who shot me. Edit: in the clip you can see the jug behind him
  13. Dak

    Report on Moo

    So i was in spawn and i saw moo have some dude who was Mass RDAing jailed. I said he was a badmin or something like that as a joke, and he jailed me, said oops missclick, and walked away. Like 3 mins later kil unjails me. Honestly I really would never care but ive had no good interactions with moo in any way and nothing has been positive about him. Ive heard other people talk about how they don't like him and he doesn't do a very good job in his sits and dealing with others who are just trying to play. He minges quite a bit as a staff member and I am aware that I can be mingy at times but this
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