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  1. the tv/radio addon is not broken becasue of xeno, the addon its self is broken we thought about removing it a long time ago
  2. Bubba


    ez just learn to aim
  3. hell yea +1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
  4. -1 You received a warn on December 17th for failrp
  5. This would be a good idea, but on one server i got on to mess around and they had a double or nothing machine. In about an hour i had 600 mil richest on the server and did nothing rp related to get up there. This would break the economy and it wouldn't be fair for the people who spend their money for hours and hours. also yes im posting this 5 months after the last comment but im bored.
  6. This is not a rule nor it is allowed
  7. They updated again and now the game is just bad
  8. eh ive raided a base with 6 afks and got 40 mill all the stuff had like 3000 bitcoins in them
  9. Bubba

    Looking for music

    Listen to some country or classic mousic
  10. neutral leaning towards +1 - Active - Knows the rules - I've had some problems with you
  11. +1 - Very active - Knows the rules - Never had any problem with you - I would love to see you on the team
  12. -1 - Haven't seen you in like 2 months - rdm/rda isn't a verbal warn - Application is very under detailed
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