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  1. -1 add more to the mod app seems chill ingame but also a little mingey, Act more mature ingame and add more details to the mod app and ill change my decision but for right now its a -1
  2. +1 Overall good mod app Ex Staff Knows the Rules
  3. Pros: a5)No warns a6)No Bans a7)Staffing experience b1)Good Enough reasoning b2) Knows the rules and seems to want to help c2)Gave timer and definition c3) Good Definition and example d1) Nice way to handle that situation d2) Good way to also handle that situation d3) Good job telling them to stop before more people join in ----------------------------------------- Cons: c1) Didn't say a punishment I would like you to be a little bit more active ---------------------------------------- Therefore I'm going with a +
  4. -1 banned while mod app up
  5. Cons: c1) In your punishment the person could easily lie and say they are new to Gmod. b2)Go more into depth about why you would be a good mod. d2)You can check logs for the evidence. -------------------------------------------------- Pros: d3) Nice Job handling that situation. C2)Explained NLR correctly and gave timer. Haven't seen you active lately in-game . --------------------------------------------------- Therefore i'm going with a Neutral Have A Good Day/Night...
  6. Risky

    Cheef's T-Monke App

    -1 Banned from discord, Mingey and toxic in-game, Lied about prior staff experience, Apart of the resign wave, Not fit to be staff.
  7. Pros: Staff Experience c1) Good reasoning and punishment d1)Nice way to handle that situation -------------------------------- Cons: Haven't seen you active c3)Your first example for metagaming is just staff abusing. c2) give nlr timer d3) No matter if theres 2 or 40 they shouldnt be doing it in the first place ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Therefore im going with a:Neutral Have A Good Day/Night...
  8. Pros: Very Active-In Game Knows The Rules Ex-Staff 0 Warns -------------------------------- Cons: Past Negative Actions A few old bans ---------------------------------- Therefore I'm choosing to go with a +1 Have A Good Day/Night...
  9. Pros: d2-in that situation it would be best to jail them, and finish the sit. d3-you should explain to them they cant be building in the streets at all, other than that it was a good basis ---------------------------------- Cons: Not active in-game a6-go more into depth about that ban b1-Explain more b2-go more into detail about it c1-Explain RDM and RDA not just the punishment c2-go more into depth about nlr how long you have to wait. d1-In that situation you record it and you start talking to a owner or admin, yes telling them to stop
  10. Pros: Seen you active recently Staff experience (Not On Gmod unfortunately) Seems to know the rules -------------------------------------------- Cons: Using a voice changer in-game A few recent warns --------------------------------------------- Therefore I'm going with a:Neutral (Until a further notice) Have A Good Day/Night...
  11. Pros: Active-In game recently Ex-Staff Knows the rules No Bans No Warns --------------------------------- Cons: None --------------------------------- Therefore I'm going with a: +1. Have a Good Day/Night...
  12. Pros: Ex-Staff Active-In game Knows the Rules No Warns ----------------------- Cons: 1 Banned ------------------------ Therefore my decision is a: +1. Have A Good Day/Night.
  13. Pros: Active-In game Staffing experience Cons: 1 Banned 1 Warn ---------------------------------- Therefore i'm going with a +1!! Have A Good Day/Night I'm hoping you have a chance at becoming staff since you seem like you know your way around.
  14. Pros: Active In Game Well Behaved A lot of staffing experience in other servers. Cons: None so far +1
  15. Risky

    T-Mod App

    Pros- Active in-game Active in discord Ex-Staff Helpful Cons- None Heres my +1
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