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  1. ʟᴜᴄɪɴᴀ™

    NO APP

    -1 not a proper application Have a good one
  2. Hello Octavious, Thank you very much for updating your application. +1
  3. Hello DoTheDishes, Thanks for taking interest in applying for Xeno. Below are the notes I have regarding your moderator application: Super great that you want to get the abusive staff off of the server ASAP, but also simply gathering evidence and pushing it towards their Admins will suffice as well. Great answer but further detail on how you would handle it would be nice. (i.e How would you punish them?) Although a verbal warning is great alternative than an actual warn, we should advise the players to also look over the MOTD using !motd in chat to become familiar with the rules. Conclusion: I personally have never interacted with/seen you on the server. This alone is somewhat a red flag for me but your application seems to have very little effort put into it. It's going to me a -1 from me. Again, Thank you for applying! Luci
  4. Hello Swanson Joe, Thanks for taking interest in applying for Xeno. Below are the notes I have regarding your moderator application: You were on the right track with this answer, but have the info backwards. Metagaming is applying Non-RP info (i.e OOC chat) to RP scenarios. This would not be against NLR (New Life Rule) but simply against the rules of the server. Hobos are not allowed to build in the street, only on sidewalks. Conclusion: Your application is excellent, minus those two minor mistakes. If you fix those issues, I will be happy to reevaluate my decision on your application. I'm currently neutral, leaning +1. Again, Thank you for applying! Luci
  5. Hi Rubyy, Thank you for taking interest in applying for Xeno. Below are the notes I have on your moderator application: You defined each one but did not provide any detail on how a player would be punished for breaking either rule. This is not metagaming. Although informing a higher up is excellent, you can also inform the abusive staff member to stop. Conclusion: Although you are an active player on the Xeno DarkRP server, I do not think you would be a good candidate based on your answers to the questions asked. As well, your application appears relatively rushed through when it comes to questions c1 - d3. It's going to be a -1 from me Again, Thank you for applying. Luci
  6. Hello Tex, Thanks for taking interest in becoming staff on Xeno. Below are the notes I have regarding your moderator application. You gave the definitions of each one but did not state how a player should be punished for committing either act. Mass RDM is an auto 2 week ban. Nobody is allowed to build in the streets, including hobos. Conclusion: Overall, the rest of your application is decent. I'm going to give a -1 for the time being unless you change the mistakes mentioned above. Again, Thanks for applying! Luci
  7. +1 Very active on the server Seems to know the rules Super nice in game Wouldn’t mind seeing you on the team
  8. I wanna know what's up. I'm chill. How about y'all?
  9. Pros: Former staff Super chill/nice No negative experiences Cons: None +1 Would love to see you back on the team. You were a great smod.
  10. Hello! Thanks for taking interest in applying for Xeno staff. Below are the notes I have for your application: The only thing I would notate is that Mass RDM is an auto 2 week ban on a player. Other than that, your application was well put together. +1
  11. Hello! Thanks for taking interest in applying for Xeno staff. Below are the notes I have for your application: Overall your application is well put together. The only issues I have are c3 and a2. If we are unsure of what a certain thing is on the application, an easy google search will be able to define it for you. This is an invalid link to your steam profile. The profile can be captured at the top of your profile. Conclusion: My decision is neutral, leaning towards +1. Just brush up on your RP terms.
  12. -1 Application is barren and lacks effort
  13. +1 Excellent player Super polite and kind No negative interactions
  14. ʟᴜᴄɪɴᴀ™


    Hello! Thanks for applying and taking interest in Xeno! Here's my thoughts on your application: No punishment was provided. This seems like a very bare minimum response. Could've done without the "It doesn't make sense" response either. Again, a bare minimum response and no examples were provided. None of the answers are sufficient. Conclusion: -1 I don't feel you'd be a good fit for the staff team based on your responses to this application.
  15. Hello! Thanks for taking interest in applying for Xeno! Here are my notes on your application: You accurately described how punishment should be issued to RDM/RDA but failed to define either of the terms. You simply stated what the acronym stood for but did not describe either. Vise versa to c1. You defined NLR perfectly but did not provide examples. You defined it but did not provide an appropriate example. The example type we are looking for is if someone were to use OOC knowledge and apply that to their in game RP actions. This answer is lacking detail. With Mass RDMers, these incidents take precedence over everything else. We need to eliminate the problem to ensure our community does not associate our server with total anarchy and lack of control. Our community and their RP experience while on our server is our top priority as staff. This is incorrect. Hobos cannot build on streets. Please refer to the MOTD for more job information. Conclusion: -1 I don't think you're ready to be a staff member with Xeno based on your answers.
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