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  1. I can't comment too much on the meth/cocaine systems, as I still enjoy the classics we are currently running. But we could definitely reconsider the trashman one, cause it really does seem to fit the vibe that our community emanates. It also looks like it could be a job that I'm sure some people would love.
  2. Otter or Ferret They aren't exactly 'not allowed' by my state, just unrealistic to own in my current position.
  3. Money clickers were limited to 4 clicks/second, Purely because of the mouse wheel/auto clicker spam people were using to farm them.
  4. Just to add some input from the development side of things, We already have a plan to release a system which adds a new merchant job that already has a good majority of these weapons. The only thing is, the system overall is still a little ways out, but just know that there will be new weapons available to everybody eventually. I will also consider adding a couple more weapons to the base dealers, as you all have mentioned quite a few weapons that I totally forgot about.
  5. Denied You asked multiple people to look at your staff application, I also feel like your English isn't strong enough to be a staff member. Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks!
  6. why isn't this thread full of pets
  7. phantom

    Staff App

    DENIED We chose not to accept your application based upon these facts: From your actions in the discord on Tuesday, it shows that you will be unlikely to perform staffing duties in a mature manner.
  8. any kind except for: - mcdonalds coke - fountain coke from a gross soda fountain
  9. I will unban you under a couple circumstances, you wont say a goddamn thing about anyone's forums uid/their statistics, and you wont say/reference the following words: 'big/small/anything brain' 'big/small/anything namer' 'imagine if *' 'honestly *' 'toxic' 'flex' 'cheeto' 'cheeta' 'cheats' "abuse' 'fanta' 'lays' 'fatality' 'coopercheats' 'hvh' 'hvh music' 'suicidebois' If you can agree to these very simple terms, I will unban you. But you should know already that you will be on thin ice.
  10. Denied You blatantly plagiarized another users application, what else can I say.
  11. yall both fake, aint fallin for the bait
  12. I did hear something about that, good for them. I've heard from sources that its a 200x improvement over the old ones...
  13. If you're reading this thread, you've probably been sent here by someone on the staff team, or someone in the discord. Here I will try to explain the question that we are asked multiple times a day: "Why don't we sell custom classes?" First, with every class there has to be a model. The bad part about the model is, the workshop doesn't make it obvious how large the model actually is, nor would the average player care to look at the size... they just want their class to have the coolest model. So originally we we're adding classes and not paying any attention to the file size. So adding more classes with all the current classes in there would just be making things worse. Second, you all really like custom classes. Which makes it even more difficult to have a system where people can have a class they can add weapons/change the name/model, and add players to it. Cause at the time we didn't have a nice system for managing the custom classes players/weapons/model, so it all went through Me and Zyngas on discord. Which over time turned out to be a giant mistake, cause it turned into people messaging us pretty much daily wanting to change aspects of their class. Which for adding players we were totally okay with, but the ones who were trying to change their model every week after they get bored of their current one. In Conclusion, Its possible that someday we bring them back, but there is absolutely no guarantee that it will ever happen. TL;DR Adding a player model for every custom class was beginning to cause long load times, and we don't want to add to the daily messages we already receive about custom classes on discord.
  14. 'Report a Staff Member' Template This is the template that you should use to report a staff member who acted upon you unjustly. Reports without sufficient evidence will likely be closed. Please do not reply to reports you are not involved in. Copy the contents of the template, then you can click the link below to create a new post in this section. Then just paste the template into the post, fill it all out. Create a new post (Report a Staff Member) (Make sure you've copied the template!) Your In-Game (RP) Name: Which staff member are you reporting: Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Please provide any available evidence to back your claims:
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