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  1. -1 Didnt take being staff seriously last time.
  2. Downloaded the beta on my Ps4. I think its way better then past releases.
  3. Have no issues with you in-game, Helpful, knows rules. My only issues with your app is D1. & D3. On D1.: you wouldn't tp to said staff member abusing their powers, you record/get proof and report them to a higher up with proof, Keyword also being Severity. D3. You would ask them to stop, to delete the props, and tell them that if they wanted to build outside that they need to be hobos, Also mention that hobos can only build on sidewalks. If they continue, warn them, kick, then ultimately ban if they continued to build on the street. Conclusion: Would like to see as staff, App could use minor touches. Besides those details i give it a (+1)
  4. Pros: Semi-Active, Seems to know rules, well written App, haven't had any issues with you, Staff experience. Cons: none Conclusion: Leaning (+1)
  5. +1 Pros: Never had any bad experiences with you, Active. Cons: None Conclusion: Would like to see on the staff team.
  6. Cons: was on today, saw some stuff that wasn't ok, verbal warned. Conclusion: Leaning (+1) Would hopefully like to watch a bit more before becoming to a final conclusion.
  7. +1 Cons: none Additional bit: should make a new role "Head T-Mod" just for him.
  8. Batman is a vigilante not cp, which is why he doesnt have an arrest baton. I think Phantom actually said something about it in the discord, but i think as a suggestion to add is maybe a batmobile for batman.
  9. Pros: Active Cons: Doesn't knows rules (Talked with you today on your base, It was very illegal.) No effort in app Conclusion: -1
  10. Pros: App is good with little flaws 0 warns/bans Cons: I've only seen you on once Improvements: D3 - Hobos are allowed to build outside, but only on sidewalks. I'd like to see you on more. Conclusion: Neutral (leaning +1)
  11. Same with Papa and Combat on this. Conclusion: NEUTRAL (leaning +1)
  12. Pros: Active. ( At least i've seen you on frequently) Knows rules. No warns/bans. Staff experience. Cons: none besides app could use a small fix. (NLR Timer if not raided) Conclusion: Seems like a good fit for staff +1
  13. @jEK No, those can be canned too.
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