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  1. -1 As much as we appreciate your honesty, we require our staff to have knowledge of all the rules. I dont know is not a valid answer.
  2. -1 You were warned for NLR while your application was up.
  3. +1 After hearing the news regarding an old staff member coming back I was excited to see that it was you Keeger! This was a well made application that you clearly put time into and shows that you not only know the rules but know how to handle most situations. You were a great staff member when you were on our team a few years back and I am glad you are reapplying. I know you have been active and have even noticed many times of players not following the rules and how you wanted to do something about it. I believe you will do a great job if given the chance! (I am def not biased
  4. Based off the evidence proved, the staff member was not in the wrong.
  5. Thank you for your report, due to the lack of evidence there is no much we could do, however we will take note of this possible incident and will do our best to make sure this doesnt happen again.
  6. Accepted Welcome to the team we will contact you shortly
  7. Denied No effort shown in new application
  8. Denied Bad interactions with staff
  9. Denied Application needs work and we have not seen you on
  10. Suspended Please be active for a week
  11. Denied Banned while application was up
  12. Accepted Welcome to the team, we will contact you shortly
  13. Suspended Please be active for the next week
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