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  1. When our staff members are replying to staff applications, we ask for them to write not only about anything that has to do with the application, but their personal experiences. Convoy wrote about their personal experience they had with you the last time they saw you. I see this as less of a grudge and more that he was being truthful. Even so, we do not go off the ratings alone, we gather our senior mods, admins, and owners to take an additional look and create their own opinion. There have been times where people with majority -1’s have been accepted due to senior moderator majority for them. This is no reason to file a report, especially when no staff rules nor server rules were broken.
  2. Though the rule states he must follow you, what is not mentioned is when the order inhibits one's RP experience or can be classified as mingy behavior the order can be ignored. It is very clear from the format of the report as well as intention of the order and reaction that the order did not have to be followed.
  3. Due to video evidence provided it clear that you broke the rules. This report has been handled
  4. +1 I believe you would make a good addition to the staff team. You have shown improvement since your first application.
  5. Denied No recent in game interactions
  6. Denied Banned while application was up
  7. Denied Warned with application up
  8. Suspended Due to lack of interactions we chose to give you an additional week for us to review you ingame
  9. Denied You were banned literally yesterday
  10. Denied Warned with application up
  11. Denied Please do not ask staff to check out your application
  12. Not a valid reason to report. It is already established that you acknowledged breaking the rules and that you could have solved this whole issue without any problems.
  13. “Whilst what I did was wrong” so you acknowledge you were breaking the rules? The videos provided do not support your claim, when using evidence we require, more info into when the situation was happening(ex from actually in the sit/in game) Look, if you have the proof on discord, please just add to this report, and if its too big just add to youtube and link here. From what I can find out and deduce from this situation. The staff were not in the wrong and you were given multiple chances to change your name but instead made things difficult. HOWEVER you are welcomed to make another report on this situation with all the proof regarding this and it will be reviewed again to ensure if something was missed.
  14. Due to the evidence provided by Demonic he was not abusing his power. He should have brought you to a sit and warned you for FailRP. But considering the other punishment you got which was just dying I’d say thats a good trade. Report Handled
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