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  1. -1 -Decent app -A bunch of warns, 6 of which being from this month, 3 being last week. -Was banned 4 days ago for Mass NLR. Your application was up during this.
  2. -1 - 3 warns as of May 27th, while your application was up. -Application seems rushed -I wouldn't say your answers are incorrect but they aren't the kind we are looking for Overall getting 3 warns while your application was up was the main killer.
  3. -1 4 warns as of Tuesday May 26th, and a recent warn while your application was up. Literally was warned today by Roberto for RDM One of the warns was Racism, we do not need that on our team. Application seems rushed and generic Clearly you are not fit to be staff.
  4. -1 Application looks rushed, as evident by the many typographical errors. Have not seen you in game, or have heard of you Not active on the discord Can't even find you on the discord, that is one of the prerequisites that you do not meet at this moment You have one warn, as of Tuesday May 12th by BioMerc. You were recently banned 12 days ago for RDM in a sit, FDA, and FailRP. Overall you do not match what is required of to become a staff member at this moment.
  5. Staff are supposed to be helpful towards the community, perhaps in this situation Soprano was already helping the player with something else when he heard he was getting raided and decided to notify the player should they have not heard it. I will look more into this.
  6. After long consideration and knowledge gathering, I have came to a conclusion that a rule was broken and Rice Cooker will be talked to.
  7. Hi! Please include any evidence you have of these events in your report.
  8. +1 -Previous Staff Member -Just recently came back -Good Application
  9. God Emperor Jeremy VI


    -1 There were many issues regarding you when you were staffing.
  10. After examination it looks like Something did not show signs of bias. It appears you were in the wrong in this situation and Something's actions were what any staff would have done.
  11. The staff amongst the XenoRP staff team are all volunteers, meaning we do not require them to be on duty while in game. It is an unreasonable expectation and if a staff cannot handle your issue gather evidence and create a report on the forums. A guaranteed way to have your issue dealt with. So far all evidence provided has not shown me any bias from Something Trans Rights.
  12. Please upload the video to Youtube at a resolution of 720p or higher with audio on so I can further investigate the report.
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