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  1. Thank you for the report; the user has been punished.
  2. User has been punished, thank you for the report!
  3. Hi Capt Mango, I'm sorry this happened to you. The user has been punished.
  4. Hi killerofgames21, I'm glad that you are voicing your opinion; however, this is not what happened. The original situation occurred two weeks ago. Your name promoted a dictator who committed mass genocide against six million Jewish people during the Nazi party's control of Germany and the surrounding areas in an attempt to be edgy. Upon me asking you to change your name from "Hitler was right," you changed it to "Hitler was not right" in an apparent attempt to poke me. I did, however, let you keep the last name and you stated you understood why such name was not permitted. Upon seeing you on the server again today, with your name changed back to the one I told you was not allowed, you refused my query for you to change it to something more appropriate, citing, and I quote, "90% of staff said it was okay". While I do not know your sample size, I must say that this is most assuredly not accurate, and if it is, I will take immediate action in realigning those who did. I once again offered a chance for you to change your name, to which you replied that you would not change the name and instead take the ban. Upon me saying I will ban you for a week, you became hostile and stated that you would report me on the forums. As Cr33pa can confirm, I told you various places you could contact me for further content, where to report me on the forums if you so choose, and where to appeal your ban. After this, a one week ban was applied to your account with the understanding that another one would be added if I saw you with such name again. Since this is a report on me, I will contact another Administrator to review this case and issue the correct reprimands. I appreciate you making sure our server functions as intended, and hope that you have a good day. Saddy
  5. HI killerofgames21 and Setro, thank you for submitting a staff report! According to Dark, he jailed you all after you prop climbed into his sit. It is most probable that he was attempting to end his current sit before initiating one with you. As you said, prop climbing is against the rules and is subject to the punishment the moderator sees fit. I will tell him to communicate better next time on why you were jailed; however, you may have not heard him. On the not taking sits, moderators are not required to receive tickets when they're on the server, and even if he is MOD, he may be doing other actions at the time. I will remind him, though, that he should not be AFKing while on the class. If you have any more comments, feel free to message me on the forums or Discord Saddy
  6. +1 Always helpful, great asset to the team
  7. Denied Warned with application up Reapply in two weeks
  8. Suspended We'll review your application again next week
  9. Denied Recent warnings Reapply in two weeks
  10. Denied 5 warnings in the last 2 days Reapply in two weeks
  11. Denied See above Reapply in two weeks
  12. Denied You have been very recently banned Reapply in two weeks
  13. Denied Warned with application up Reapply in two weeks
  14. Saddy

    Eggs Mod ap

    Denied Would like to see more in-game Reapply in two weeks
  15. Denied Inactivity Reapply in two weeks
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