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  1. Thanks for applying Be1ial! Pros Knows the rules, Decent App, Very active. Cons none Overall +1
  2. Neutral Never seen you before on Xeno. You broke NLR on a raid. Then I asked you why you broke NLR. You said this was your first day on Xeno. So I feel you need to wait to apply.
  3. +1 i love the idea of third person
  4. +1 knows the rules, very friendly
  5. +1 active, knows rules, very friendly
  6. Hey Bobby! Thanks for applying! Pros Great app, Active player, knows the rules. Cons None Overall +1 Have a wonderful day Bobby!
  7. 30 warns is a lot, was banned for mass rdm. App has little to no effort put into it. Overall -1
  8. Lonely

    TF2/CS:GO Hacked.

    Here tf2 is safe now. CSGO is fine as well
  9. Bro Pablo is my king. Not to sound like a bad guy or anything but holy crap 10/10 show
  10. Didn’t wait 2 weeks to reapply. Was denied 4 days ago -1
  11. Hey Squawkatoo! Thanks for applying. Pro Active Player, Knows the rules, Former staff, Good application Con None Overall +1 Have a wonderful day Squawkatoo! Lonely
  12. Lonely

    Kil's Mod Application

    Hey Kil! Thanks for applying! Pros Active player, Knows the rules, Former staff member would like to see you back on the team! Great application Con None Overall +1 Have a wonderful day Kil. Lonely
  13. The Trashman look very good actually. I think it would be a great addition. The cocaine lab doesn't look too bad either.
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