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  1. -1 warned while app is up
  2. Like I said in the post, it can be easily edited to be unexploitable. The cars are more exploitable with their zooming abilities in third person. Look in the description of the addon and it will make what your saying obsolete. The server convars can be edited so that there is a max zoom distance from the player. It can also be edited so people cannot enable no collide that way it wont allow people to see into bases etc.
  3. It's good for people that want to se their playermodel, or people that are used to third person games.
  4. This would be a cool thing to allow players to see the world in a different perspective. You could edit the amount a player can zoom out so it doesn't get exploited. It is very easy for you guys to put in parameters that only allow a certain zoom length. The cars are more exploitable than this addon. Here is a link to the addon in the community workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=207948202
  5. -1 I haven't seen you active. I will change my responce if I see you on more.
  6. Fat +1 this man is super friendly and knows the rules like a charm. Please let him join our team!
  7. -1 Warned while app is up. You fading door abused when I was talking to someone in your base about you propblocking most of your base.
  8. Lite

    pennys t-mod app

    -1 I've had a lot of problems and tickets involving you. I generally remember you as a minge.
  9. -1 I remember having a lot of problems and tickets involving you.
  10. Changing my reponce to a +1. I didn't realize he was away from home. He is making an effort to get on and is a very nice dude. He knows the rules pretty well.
  11. Computer Motherboard - Asus z97 CPU - I7-4790k quad core GPU - GTX 1660 Super RAM - 32 ggb Corsair Vengence External Storage - WD Passport 1 TB SSD - 500gb HDD - 1 TB WD Chasis - Corsair Windforce Periferals Mouse - Glorious Model O Mouse Pad - Enhance (brand)/full desk/phone charging Keyboard - Logitech G915 tactile switches Microphone - Blue Yeti Headset - Sennheiser HD 598 Monitor - Asus VG298QE 144 hz 1080p 2ms responce time 2nd monitor - I sometimes use a TV I have mounted on my wall lol
  12. Lite


    After seeing how you act in game and after talking to you, I decided to change my responce to a +1. Please remain active!
  13. Lite


    -1 very little effort is shown in this application. I will change my vouch if you add more to your responces, and if you are more active in game.
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