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  1. Greg

    The rapist RDA

    Already banned him for ya o7. Thanks for the report.
  2. changing current stance to neutral -1 after having a talk with him I think he has good intentions, but still a somewhat misdirected attitude.
  3. +1 cool guy, active Greg is an amazing name
  4. Your report is against me, so having proof of when I warned you exactly is something you kinda need to supply here. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here and say that I made a mistake and it was your party member acurrz who was doing that, but we're going to have to check deep storage logs to get a better consensus here.
  5. You called me a retard while as spamming the chat with toxcitiy?
  6. Yeah, I was under the assumption that you adverted missclick on me, not the citizen. If you didn't hear me, I actually removed your warn. I would appreciate it next time if you didn't spam the server because you were upset however. Sorry about the warn.
  7. you have a ban 8 days ago for mrdm - Something
  8. +1 would really like to see what working with this guy would be like. Knows rules
  9. -1 really rude and argues with staff
  10. +1 Very active, knows rules.
  11. I don't believe this thread has had enough attention guys. I'm kind of disappointed ngl Cyborgs are a real threat
  12. not impacting my life at all. Swine flu didn't even impact my life aside from one case in my class who ended up perfectly fine. Not to mention, im an internet hermit who lives in kansas now. The godamn zombie apocalypse could happen and I would probably end up being fine to be fair.
  13. "another shitpost contribution to thread"
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