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  1. Greg


    Bee, I know you're upset, but as someone who's had to deal with multiple instances of you breaking subtle rules, I can't say you don't deserve to be banned and warned as often as you are. I recommend taking next time to honestly consider the rules in the motd and how to follow them properly. You've been let off the hook for a lot. This ban was rather generous. (I was also the one helping cowboydog today).
  2. Neutral towards +1. Only thing keeping that full fledged support is the small activity you show.
  3. changing to a neutral, leaning on -1. Saw him break a pretty obvious rule ingame today.
  4. Greg

    Flak's T-Mod Staff App

    Apparently it shows here you're family sharing with an account that has been banned (recently even). Can you please explain?
  5. +1 Seen him ingame. He knows his rules and seems like a good guy tbh. Wouldnt mind throwing him a shot
  6. +1 Seen him ingame. He knows his rules and seems like a good guy tbh. Wouldnt mind throwing him a shot wrong app
  7. -1 I just dont really like the way you made your app and I don't really know you outside what I see here. And I've been on the server almost the entirety of the past week.
  8. Money is fun to use. There's hardly anything to use it on so I don't like the idea of perma guns. but... I think all guns should be removed from the server so no one can rdm eachother
  9. +1 dont see why not. Pretty friendly guy.
  10. I think you forgot the kind that goes in the nose
  11. -1 good player and all, but makes too many mistakes as is for me to be comfortable with him enforcing rules
  12. I think it's a good idea to be able to charge hits for higher prices like such
  13. Greg

    Staff Report

    "yeah, I recognized that mistake." First of all, I want to mention, I treat EVERY situation I am in ingame with as much respect and attention as can. I compromise and act lenient towards everyone who treats me with the same respect. I'm not being aggressive, I'm just stating the facts lol. I told you how I felt because I was being considerate towards your feelings while trying to explain my situation. I'm glad you have this perceived notion that making sure some batmans switched their jobs is more important than dealing with people rdming and rdaing each other, but if you're going to be hypocritical (experience), I am not going to respond to you anymore until this is dealt with. I made a mistake and handled it.
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