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  1. Thank you for making the player report Aperino! The player has received the proper punishment.
  2. Thank you for making the player report Aperino! The player has received the proper punishment.
  3. TEFFA

    Racism 101

    Thank you for making a player report! The user has recieved the proper punishment.
  4. Hello Hooligan thank you for applying! I've noticed you are not familiar with the !motd your applications seems rushed and we have had some reports about you acting immature in-game from what I read above from the other moderators. overall -1
  5. TEFFA


    Netural Recently came back, I would like to see you stay active!
  6. Thank you for applying Squawkatoo! Pro •Understands the rules •Active player •Very nice person OOC • Prior staff Con •None Overall Neutral Have a great day Squawkatoo. TEFFA
  7. TEFFA

    Bubbles T-mod app

    Used a voice changer for a couple days I told you to stop and eventually you did. To me you don't seem mature enough at the time to become a staff member. Panda also has stated you have been warned while the staff applications was up. To me shows you don't clearly understand the rules to the full extent and need to fully read the !motd. While visiting this staff application I see nothing present to read on the staff app. Overall -1
  8. TEFFA

    Kil's Mod Application

    Thank you for applying Kil! Pro •Understands the rules •Active player •Very nice person OOC •Prior staff would like to see you back on the team! •Nice application Con •None Overall +1 Have a great day Kil. TEFFA
  9. Hello, Jimbles At the time I personnally cannot see the video evidence at this moment. I have requested access on google docs. I had witness you arresting the one player in spawn and I asked what was going on and you had responded saying the player was shooting at me and ran into spawn while I was making arrest on the other player. i just asked what was going on at the time I wasn't stand off ish I just asked what was going on. In weapon check logs every time you had weapon check the players it did not show the weapons they were spawned in with nor the weapons the mafia members had at the time. Yes, I understand you have physically witness them having the pistol out in there hands and shooting their guns were illegal on the DarkRP law system. After the player had been release from jail one had made a false RDA ticket. Before I had brought you to the sit the player explained to me that you had kept arresting him immediately out of spawn for having weapons out. Yes I understand during this arrest the players were in the tunnel and the other moved back towards spawn while shooting you police officers but In the logs it had shown you had arrested the one player multiple times within 30 minutes the first player that was being arrested made the ticket. I cannot see them have illegal weapons because again they do not show up in logs. I had jailed you during the situation to explain to you to please make sure you are arresting them for a vaild reason and not falsely arresting players and I had said please if you weapon check someone please show me what you see. You had been jailed for at most 30seconds and were unjailed after I had talked to you. You didn't sit inside the jail for the full 200 seconds. You never said anything about the players harassing you because in the sit the one was upset because he kept being arrested multiple times. I explained to both of them yes you can still be arrested for having weapons out or shooting at the time because it's agaiant the DarkRP laws I also explained to them they can also be arrested for having the starter weapons out and shooting the weapon off. Jimbles I had checked weapon logs and for the player you had been arresting and none of them showed me they had illegal weapons within the past hour. I am sorry I had interrupted your role playing scenario. I didn't warn you or ban you in this time because I don't have any evidence that they had weapons. You never told me you were being harressed by the players after the sit and you say they both contiuned to minge and shoot at you why haven't you made the ticket at the time. I explained to the godfather that he broke a rule on failrp within running back into spawn and the player didn't know he wasnt allowed to do this. I explained to the godfather he was wrong in the situation for running into spawn. I wasn't supporting any side I was just trying to figure out the situation that was going on during the time of this event. Sorry for the misunderstanding I was just trying to figure everything out. TEFFA
  10. TEFFA

    Mass Propblockers

    Hello, Odd thank you for making a player report both users have been punished.
  11. TEFFA

    MaceLAN propblock

    Hello, Odd thank you for making a player report the user has been punished.
  12. TEFFA

    Teffa Report

    Hello, RoyGeeBiv I don't understand how nocliping towards a rooftop is "happy" there was a ticket requested from "Bluewaffle" stating "RDA in spawn" I asked why you had orginally attempted to make the arrest and you explained that the players were shooting one another. I had explained in the video evidence that it's not right to shoot another player even if it's his friend and it's not right to run into spawn to avoid being arrested. In the video evidence you see me checking !blogs and !party I had exited blogs and told Bluewaffle to stop and he continued being toxic. During the sit I was telling them at the time it not right for the actions they were doing. In !party it showed that they were in a party together so there was no damage taken to be RDM. When I said the sit was over and returned you is because I didn't want the players to harass you because you did nothing wrong. After I returned you I had explained to "Bluewaffle" and "F**kboyrdee" that as a terrorist and theif they could not be in a party together because of the job roles can not be in a party together they then changed jobs to follow the rules. I had also explained to "Bluewaffle" that he broke a rule on behalf of failrp from him running into spawn to avoid arrest. I verbually explained to both of them that it's not right even if you are going to get something from the bank even if the police officer witness you shooting another player. I told them there is many other banks on the map that are assessable and not just the ones in spawn. The only ticket you made in the video was "Would wait the 30 seconds to bring me and let me deal with the pd raid." I wasn't out to get you during the sit, if I was I would of just warned you and sent you on your way. But I didn't you explained what happen and I made the decision to return you because again you did nothing wrong. In this situation I used my best judgement to handle the problem. I would like to bring up on how toxic and unprofessional you were acting towards one of the staff memeber from the other day. Explanation of why RoyGeeBiv posted the video in #chat via discord. (Lonely the smoke god had claimed a ticket from "PR BUBBA" calming he was RDA by "RoyGeeBiv" In the sit BUBBA had said he didn't hear that he had been weapon checked and was randomly arrested. Lonely stated he had checked Weapon check logs and nothing was showing up that he actually had weapon checked PR BUBBA. He asked me to check logs and I personally could not find or see the recent weapon check logs that he actually did weapon check PR BUBBA during the arrest. RoyGeeBiv started to flip out saying y'all ruining my roleplaying experience and I just wanna have fun. He said can you guys just warn me already so i can go back to roleplaying and tried to walk off the roof. He got really mad at us because he thought we were accusing him of lying to us. Once returned back to the roof he then said ban me for LTAP since I don't wanna deal with this anymore. We had said nicely that we are trying to figure out the situation correctly. We asked if he had video evidence and he said yeah and sent the link in game. We then argued for 5 minutes because I had told him and others that we do not accept in game links please send the link via discord which he had. In the video evidence it does show him actually weapon checking "PR BUBBA." We never gave him a warn nor did we ban him. We simply wanted to resolve the situation correctly. After looking over the video evidence we completed the sit and it was over. I had went into Blogs and took pictures of all the players he weapon checked on the server and none of them matched up. I never experience this before with the logs not showing us the correct information we needed at the time. It was all a big misunderstanding and was resolved.) From Rice Cooker & Lolagaf they have stated sometimes on occasion weapon checked logs mess up on some players and then later find it not showing up in logs. I didn't have a problem with you before but the way you have been acting in the past week is not acceptable and even direct message me saying stuff to me. I will no longer respond to the topic it will be all judgement from the Admins. If you would like the pictures from the other day please contact me via discord. TEFFA
  13. Thank you for the player report users (STEAM_0:1:216645083)&(STEAM_0:1:81604127) have been banned in-game. Thank you for the report, I have contacted you via discord.
  14. TEFFA


    The player report has been handled. I have talked to both players in game and situation has been resolved.
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