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  1. cod kinda gay rn but ima get it
  2. +1 Pros: Previous mod experience on the server, Good application, Good experiences with you, understands rules. Cons: None
  3. Acer Predator Gaming Laptop Razer DeathAdder Elite (mouse) BENGOO Stereo Gaming Camo Headset Geforce GTX 1060 16 GB RAM 60hz SSD 237 GB HDD 1TB its a laptop so there's not much
  4. Minecraft: The screen fading into the ending credits or loading into the console tutorial map BO3: Watching the moon explode in Der CSGO: a 1 tap thats all i can think of
  5. Ratchet and Clank 1-3 or Sly Cooper
  6. +1 Good Application No Warns No Bans Multiple Previous Staffing Experiences
  7. -1 Low effort app Doesn't understand rules 7 Warns
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