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  1. So, it has been a while since i have been on the server. I just wanna know if anything MAJOR has changed in the community or server.
  2. in my opinion i like firefox way more
  3. this is what you get for doing drugs
  4. So TF2's and CS:GO's source code has been leaked. If you have TF2 /CS:GO installed please go and disabled auto updates/uninstall the game and make your steam profile private so your account isn't vulnerable through the game. Do not play the game or any other source games for the time being as doing so could put your data and computer at risk. If you're financially invested in the game I'd recommend cashing out now if it's in your best interest. Please spread this message around to other people who don't know. Im expecting an update from valve later today but im not sure.
  5. so what if you cant play 'i get around' on the radio? just open a new tab in chrome and play it yourself
  6. also mods stop the votekick and say "yOu CaNt VoTeKiCk WhIlE StAfF Is On" meanwhile they are farming bitcoins not doing anything
  7. for me it has to be Captain America: Civil War, i remember clearly in the movie theater i was so bored i slept in the theater. Also literally ALL of the star wars movies, i cant stand em
  8. +1 i want to be able to change my name without some minge stealing my name.
  9. Before you bash this like my meat on December 1st let me explain... I think CC's are overpowered because of their weapons. Maybe for a donator rank there can be another Dealer that can supply CC weapons but they will be very expensive, im talkin like 2 mil per shipment. Also it will give players a chance when they are raiding against CCs. Though the rank for the Dealer you need will be either Vortigaunt or Gman since these are very expensive weapons, high risk = high reward. Edit: also im doing this because CC's might (MIGHT) never be added in again.
  10. The hitman could just say "Hey i already have a hit going, get lost" it will still show it, its just that you cant request another hit, like it is right now.
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