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  1. Patrick Star

    bad mod

    Few things 1) Use the correct format 2) Im assuming that since you did not use the correct format and i dont know your in game name, that you are the ones who raided the discord yesterday and i then went ahead to ban you all. 3) Scamming is not in the MOTD because it can be very vague at times. This time you did scam someone, did not give the money back, then proceeded to complain in the discord. I do not personally believe dom did anything wrong and i will move this over to handled
  2. -Denied- Told staff to look at application
  3. -Denied- Staff believe you are hot headed and that is far from what we need
  4. -Denied- Application had little to no detail in it Staff do not see you fit for the position for time being
  5. -Accepted- Someone will contact you soon with more information
  6. -Denied- Still a toxic player No need for that on the staff team
  7. Update-Situation has been resolved and this thread can be disregarded.
  8. -Denied- Warned with mod app up
  9. -Denied- A little bit to toxic and hot headed for our liking Please reapply in 2 weeks
  10. Well thank you for the report. 1st - Derpza ear raping and the rdm. I went ahead and gave the proper warnings in game for both offenses. I hope this wont happen again. 2ed - Simon04 with the false grapple. This is still false grapple with or without consent to do so. Like its still rdm if you and your friend kill each other. The proper punishment will be given out aswell for this. 3ed - Juice being bias. He has been since removed from the team. Sorry bout this and hope its better in the future
  11. After talking with you and bringing out the things you need you need to work on, I believe you understand and can make a positive change. +1
  12. Ill talk with be1ial about what happened. Mistakes happen. Also I cannot find any rule in the motd that states you have to wait 2 seconds between warnings.
  13. -Suspended- Please remain active for the next week
  14. -Suspended- Please remain active for the next week
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