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  1. Sorry for my unprofessionalism and would like this taken down for lola didn't break any rules and i did. Again just wished you tped me away but thats my fault for not reading chat.
  2. also out of all that day i only broke that rule. And yes i am worried about that one warn because that can do as to bring down a whole staff app which means no t-mod which again i wouldn't deserve in most of the admins heads because again that night i was simply being unprofessional.
  3. Also i was on my "best behavior" until i actual wanted to have fun with kil and major.
  4. Also i would love proof of that "PM"
  5. Again you can see him in thoughs telling everyone to stop in ooc which no one was paying any attention to. Why couldn't you have tped us to some admin roof to tell us to stop and that would be our only warning.
  6. And in that statement i can surely have him back that up.
  7. Also Another thing to add i don't understand why your not showing damage logs for all the time he shot me for "no reason" i was punishing him.
  8. Yes but for the verbal warns YOU NEVER even TPED us away from the RP area because we were all still "RPing" while having fun fucking around with each other. Major was just having fun with me i tazed him and instantly got him up everytime i had a reason to tazed him except 1 time. He was shooting me each time which would be shown in damage logs. where in chat logs are you telling everyone to stop? Also why did you not tp me for the verbals or the warn because AGAIN EVERYONE is talking and RPING! This is still very unprofessional and i have never seen anyone getting verbally warned or warned over ooc.
  9. Out of all the ways to verbally warn me or warn me also was in ooc which i didn't pay attention to because i really again would have stopped how come you didn't tell me in game or teleport me away from all the croud? and then to warn me over ooc? Common dude you could have brought me again to a sit area yet you chose to cloak yourself and watch me rp while seeing all the nlr people broke and the RDM cases pile up. You chose to warn me over all anyone during that hole rp issue. I wish you could have been more professional for your actions.
  10. i want that warned removed. and my staff app not have a -1 for that damn warn that was true but false at the same time.
  11. Also Commentating in ooc how i was breaking FAIL RP which was untazing someone 2 times and how he saw people getting rdmed and NLRING though that whole time i don't understand why he singled me out and i was the only person he was telling to stop. No warning in person of a verbal or even bringing me to tell me to stop. I would have but i wasn't focused at chat if i had saw his warning to tell me to stop.
  12. Wait lets not forget that he was not warning anyone for NLR and chose to keep watching until myself made a mistake i am sure kil and major can come on here and agree he was just floating there and didn't even tp me to him to warn me or tell me to stop fail rping.
  13. Your In-Game (RP) Name: TTV 0p h00n Which staff member are you reporting: lolagaf Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: So today i was messing around with major and kil and master and some other people and someone got tazed and i untazed the guy so then in ooc i had the admin tell me i was getting warned for fail rp For untazing someone when we were litterly all fucking around with eachother as the admin was flying around cloacked watching everything we were doing. I find that this admin saw my app and didn't want me on the team or something and started watching me for no reason as he had nothing else better to do as i was just having fun with other people. Also don't forget that they were all fail rping and "mass nlring" for we were fucking around and he chose not to only just pick on me but to warn me so i can get denied on my app. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: I have 0 proof of what i am saying.
  14. Also he did it again https://clips.twitch.tv/SmokyHelpfulDogeStinkyCheese
  15. TTV 0p_h00n

    Prop block

    Your In-Game (RP) name: TTV 0p h00n Player's In-Game (RP) name: Cock And BALLZ Player's Steam ID: (Type: ulx copyid "Playername" in console) STEAM_0:1:59199894 Describe how the player broke the rules: Prop block Evidence of the player breaking the rules: https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearDifficultPangolinPoooound
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