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  1. +1 Overall good mod app Ive seen you almost everyday on the server meaning your extremely active You seem (from what i know) to have a good understanding of the rules Good explanations on C2 and C3 aswell as a good response on C1 ive had only good interactions with you - Overall I wouldn't mind having you on the team. Best of luck! - Chilled
  2. Chilled

    Spyte's Mod App

    Neutral leaning +1 Pros: I've only ever had good interactions with you good example and explanation on C3 I've seen you ingame often Cons: C1 - Didn't say what the punishment would be C2 - could be improved by mentioning In-Raid NLR (not being able to return if killed in raid) Overall i think the app was pretty good, however i would like to have more interactions with you before giving a full +1 best of luck - Chilled
  3. -1 Everything has been explained by Bubba best of luck - Chilled
  4. Neutral leaning +1 I havnt seen you on much recently, however i have had good interactions with you Overall your app looks pretty good c2 - good explanation of NLR c3 - seemed like a bit of a short answer and did not provide an example of metagame - I would like to see you ingame more often, other than that I wouldn't mind having you on the team Best of luck - Chilled
  5. "4.)I was ALSO told that if a window can be crawled through that it counts as a door. Which is fine, but wouldn't that make it a crawl base and that's illegal, isn't it? (Chilled?????) , not that it even applied anyway, since the base in question didn't have any windows that could be crawled through. " if its the only way into the base then yeah its a crouch base making it illegal, but otherwise if a fading window is able to be crouched through its a fading door
  6. Hi hugh! i had told you the raid was valid due to you putting up the building sign after the raid was adverted The warnings youve mentioned "Chilled facilitated these warning and continued to do so as if he was in on it too. Ultimately everything I was warned for was valid" all warnings were valid, i was not favoriting at all as i was simply handling the rule breaks that were reported Below i will provide the screenshot proof of you putting the building sign up after the advert was called
  7. -1 Very short answers on b2 and d3 did not explain the punishment in c1 ive never had any interactions with you - I think you should be on the server for longer before joining the team
  8. +1 Ive seen you ingame often and all my interactions with you have been good based on what ive seen ingame and this app you have a good understanding of the rules and have a good reason for wanting to join c1, c2 and c3 are all good examples of the situation and how it should be handled - You seem to have a good amount of patience and understanding aswell as being mature, Based on all this I think you would make a good addition to the team Best of luck - Chilled
  9. -1 Just today i have seen you insult a staff member aswell as being warned with an app up the rest has been explained by Askio I think you should know the rules a little better before your on the team Have a nice day - Chilled
  10. -1 I've never seen you on the server c1 - Does not explain how RDM/RDA would be punished c2 - NLR timer is 2 minutes, not 5
  11. Neutral leaning towards -1 Almost all of my interactions with you have ended poorly or with an argument you've proved to be impatient at times and unwilling to listen to others perspectives - your mod app looks good you (as far as i know) know the rules decently well - I wish you would be more patient and less argumentative, if that were to change I wouldn't mind having you on the team best of luck Juicer
  12. Chilled

    Derpza's Mod App

    -1 Everything has been explained by Master In Disguise
  13. Neutral Recently I've seen that you have been active c2 and c3 are good explanations d3 - even as a hobo players are not allowed to build on the streets, only sidewalks I have not had enough interactions with you to judge anything based on it Best of luck Soggo!
  14. +1 your ex staff I've only ever had good interactions with you Very active c1, c2 and c3 are good examples and explain the situation well
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