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  1. Hi nope, thanks for the report. The situation has since been handled in game and the user was permanently banned. Have a nice day!
  2. -1 Banned with Application up.
  3. -1 Pros: None. Cons: Didn't follow the template. You got warned for Attempted Revenge RDM 15 minutes before you put your application up. Update: Player was later banned.
  4. Neutral Errors in Application: C2) You cannot come back during a raid regardless of the 120 seconds or not. C3) That is a form of metagaming; however, that isn't the actual definition of metagame. D3) That isn't FailRP. If they are refusing to delete the props you can kick them and delete the props yourself. The punishment you would give seems a bit harsh for a first offense. Pros: You have 0 warnings Active Cons: You have one singular ban for Attempted Mass RDM. Personal Experiences: I know you are on the server but I don't actuall
  5. Thanks for the report! The player has been banned.
  6. -1 Errors in application: * You have 6 total bans, and 5 warnings. * You don't define the NLR timer. * You should go straight to their admin not to the forums. You also were warned with your application up.
  7. -1 Pros: No warns or bans Cons: Your application is littered with errors and seems to be rushed with a plethora of grammatical and spelling errors. Have not seen before. Errors in Application: B1) Literally never seen or heard of you before. C1) A small ban for just one RDM? You didn't define what RDM nor what RDA is. Mass RDM is a 2 week ban not depending. D1) Make a ticket? What for? D2) You should ban the mass rdmer before continuing your sit. D3) Pratic crafts? You shouldn't be letting people build on the streets regardless. Perso
  8. Askio

    Report on finny

    Thanks for the report! I will speak to the player regarding the situation.
  9. Askio

    Derpza's Mod App

    -1 Warned with app up.
  10. -1 Warned with application up.
  11. Pros: Very active No bans Good interactions Cons: Needs a firmer grasp on the rules Personal Experiences: You definitely have a keen interest in joining the staff team which is good. However, I could've warned you multiple times with your staff app up yet refrained from it as they seemed like genuine mistakes. I think you should learn the rules a little more before coming onto the staff team.
  12. +1 Pros: Knows the rules Ex staff Have had good interactions with Very active Cons: None Personal experiences: You're very active and I have seen you a lot. Have not really had a bad interaction with you as far as I can remember. Verdict: I would love to see you on the staff team!
  13. Neutral leaning -1 Pros: Knows English Hasn't been warned nor banned in a while Cons: Haven't really seen you that much Personal Experiences: Earlier today, you accepted a hit on me whilst I was a hobo, and completed it anyways. Other than that one experience, I cannot really remember you. Verdict: Think you should learn the rules a little more and increase your activity as I have been on at later times in the day, and have not seen you much.
  14. Hi Joestur, thanks for applying. Your mod application is decent and you are active in game. However, you were warned whilst your application was up. Therefore I'm going with a -1.
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