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  1. First off your base had materialized fences you shot through and a crouch base to your bit miners + made us jump into the no collide spot and your door couldn't be pick locked, we brought you to fix the door and we are required to return you. When the raid was done I was told to go back by dak to check it out and that is when I found how illegal your base was, and when dak was raiding he was getting shot through the fence and he shot back that is all, it was your fault for having it in the first place. Yesterday before that you had way more than 3 fadings doors and you came back during the raid many times.
  2. The pokemon show destroys everything about the games
  3. Lol framptus how did we just reply at the same time
  4. +1 u rlly famous so i wan you on tem even though you got 20 bakns!!!
  5. Slugh

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    Top Text -1 Bottom text is down here Bottom Text
  6. Slugh

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    Top Text can i buy custom class??????????????? Bottom Text
  7. Slugh

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    Hi i'm slugh my favorite celebrity is biggie cheese Bottom Text
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