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  1. Although this moderator was once accepted. He later decided to mass ban players and abuse his moderator position. He is not eligible for rehire.
  2. Hey, the reason we ask you to follow the format is because it gives us all the information we need in order to punish the player. In this case, you did not follow the format, and in this case you forgot to include the steamids. We can't punish a player without these.
  3. Custom class players paid for a custom class not exclusive weapons. They have custom models, class names, pro lockpick, perma weapons. They don't need their weapons to be exclusive just to them. We have plans on releasing the whole fleet of weapons to the general public. Given they will still likely be pricy, and a lot of work to acquire.
  4. Zyngas

    Mass report

    I'm closing this thread due to inactivity. If you would like to reopen this report feel free to do so again using the specific timestamps requested above.
  5. Update, he was just banned for similar reasons to what you mentioned.
  6. The link you provided, is not open to the public to view. Please fix the sharing link.
  7. Well that's just dang rude. He really needs to learn his manners. Player has been warned. Thank you for the report.
  8. Zyngas

    Mass report

    To start, I suggest leaving that other discord. It seems pretty dang toxic, and it's not the discord us at Xeno moderate. If it's the discord you run, I suggest you ban/mute those offending people in your discord. We don't condone that behavior, but we are not the internet police. We do not moderatore or enforce our rules on communities we are not a part of. I'm not sure what you want from as as far as those random discord screenshots go? Secondly, I'm very confused as to the specifics of what happened. You had names confused, and I'm genuinely confused as to who did what. Can you provide who did what, as well as providing specific timestamps in the stream. It's unreasonable to ask us to watch a 3 hour stream. After this point, If you're not mentioned in the specific timestamps/ specific incidents mentioned after this point, please do not reply to this thread.
  9. I have a question. What's wrong with a moderator enforcing people breaking rules? Ultimately that's the goal of moderation is it not?
  10. You don't have an 8 day ban. You have a 5 day ban.
  11. Zyngas


    Thanks for the report meep. I think we can all agree that staff on duty shouldn't be involved in roleplay, and shouldn't make players aware of information outside of their roleplay. We've made soprano aware so situations like this won't happen in the future. Thank you for helping us catch mistakes like this so we can improve the staff team.
  12. Thanks for the report. RDM'ing I believe I just see his name in the killfeed all the time -- Just seeing someone in the killfeed does not mean they are rdming. If you have evidence of this, that would be greatly appreciated. Flying through walls and just itching to find someone to get on top of. -- I assume you're talking about the instance in which he was in your base investigating a ticket regarding the fading windows incident. He pulled a member from my party and arrested me inside of my base which I have no idea if its allowed or not but he arrested me twice within the time I got out of jail each time -- Yes, you can be arrested for breaking crimes, if you are caught then run into your base he has every right to arrest you in that case. I am confused by what you mean by "He pulled a member from my party" What do you mean by that? its really getting out of hand that this kid just picks on people and warns them without listenting to said victim I was reported for RDM after our Mega base went "Void" which I hadn't know at the time because I was trying to protect our base and apparently RMD'd for no reason at all the victim asked for the warning to be verbal but he just said it's already done before asking the victim anything as to what he wanted but all night hes been going around killing,arresting, and even warning he is just picking fights with people -- I agree, if you were warned without knowing your base was invalid, it probably should have been verbal as staff members should be able to recognize legitimate rulebreakers and people making honest mistakes.
  13. Zyngas

    Report on Bio

    I think you were muted for a minute or two to give you a minute to cool off and stop calling him names. I think the mute was for less than 5 minutes.
  14. Hopefully my poste clears up a little bit for you, if you have further questions. Feel free to reply to this thread. As a member of the Civil protection team, the mayor may not base. Most people make this logical connection, however those who don't can be made informed by the staff members. I do agree this should be more clear, as not everyone knows the mayor counts as a civil protector. It will be cleared up in the next motd revision. "You probably know me as bioswales; the guy who's been an incessant pain in the ass for the last few days." -- Being a pain in the ass is nothing to be proud of, furthermore bragging about it and defining yourself as such really doesn't paint yourself as someone we want to be a part of the community. I think it's reasonable that staff members don't want to deal with you if you intentionally conduct yourself in this way. "Contrary to popular belief I haven't done what I've done because I'm a self-absorbed asshole, but its because it's all well within the posted rules. In the rules there are a plethora of oversights or shortcomings that exist as well as assumed rules that seem to have no base other than a moral high-ground or opinionated decision making." -- From experience people who describe their playstyle as " all well within the posted rules." are not on the server to roleplay. Typically these kind of people are here to nitpick and abuse the rules to be dreadful for staff members to deal with, and disruptive and obnoxious to other players. Again, this isn't someone we want to be a part of the community. -- To extend from that, if you have specific issues with rule you think should be more clear, or you think are imperative and must be added. Please feel free to made a forums thread and add those suggestions their. Keep in mind, we will not add every possible scenario to the motd, or be painfully specific. It's not feasible, and simply not our goal. -- As far as the "Staff members reserve the right to use their best judgement when dealing with infractions not mentioned in the MOTD. Do not question their authority", this statement is added to cover the above mentioned, ultra specific rules, edge cases, or things that are not in the motd that are disruptive, out of roleplay, or simply not supposed to be happening. Typically these rules are often enforced with gentle reminders, verbal warnings, etc, and obviously will be escalated if the player decides to continue disobeying the moderator in question. Lastly you mentioned that people we being punished for breaking rules not in the motd. These specific tags or titles of these might not be fully defined in the motd, however the concepts are pretty universal, and encompass many other rules already inside of the motd. -NITRP (No intent to RP/No Interest to RP) -- This is a roleplay server, if your intention is not to play correctly, and instead to ruin other times, or simply to not play the server as it's intended. You shouldn't be on the server taking away from the people that do want this experience. I'll chalk this one up to using common sense. -'Mingeing' -- Very similar to the above statement, people playing the game with their intent being something other than roleplaying. This term is used to describe intentionally disruptive players who are ruining others time. If someone get's a warning or ban for this reason, they know what they were doing wrong, and often time the staff member explains that to them. -FailRP -- FailRP is faster to type in a warn/ban reason then the whole specific events that lead up to the event. Again, this is another one where in the sit, the play will understand how the violated their roleplay rules, as the staff member would have discussed the events that lead up to the warning, and the player will know what and how what they did was wrong. For example, hobo has a gun. "Hey man, you can't have a gun as a hobo". --!warn player failrp-- The player understands how the violated the rules and roleplay objective of their class. -Staff Disrespect (I haven't seen this, but I have seen similar under the guise of 'Racism and Homophobia') We don't typically ban people for staff disrespect. We do however ask in the motd to "Be respectful to all other players." We also specifically state "The repeated use of racial, homophobic, or sexist slurs in-game will result in a reprimand." So I'm not sure what part of this your are confused about? As far as life advice goes, and being upset that people don't want to take time out of their day to argue with you or anything like that. There is likely a reason. In your own words, you described yourself as being a pain in the ass, giving people headaches, and even driving people to the point where they want to blow their brains out. If you decide to treat someone poorly anywhere in life, you probably aren't going to get the best possible experience in return. Who would want to willingly take time out of their day to help someone who is being an asshole? If you're obnoxious to the mcdonalds worker, you're getting the cold fries. If you piss of the janitor, he's not going to go out of his way to make your officer cleaner. If you're an asshole to the IT department you're laptop is going to be the last one to be upgraded. Piss of the nurse, and they might have to dig to find that vein. There are definitely some perks to acting like a reputable human being when interacting with the people who are trying to help you. If you want people to take time out from role playing, or even other games or activities outside of garry's mod. I would start by possibly treating them with respect, and not trying to make their life a living hell. Lastly, I understand your concern that staff members can "Fill in the blanks of the motd" and use their judgement to enforce rule specifically not added to the motd." Like I earlier mentioned, often times if a staff member is enforcing a rule not mentioned in the motd specifically, they will explain it to the player first, give them a verbal, or a kind reminder, and go from there. Of course staff members aren't perfect. If you feel as if a staff member is abusing this rule, or using it inappropriately, we provide various ways to combat this. One of this being the report a staff member section, the second being the ban appeals section. If you feel a staff member went to far, or enforced rules unfairly, these are the places to dispute these issues. Please feel free to reply to this thread if I was unclear or missed anything.
  15. Considering they are EOL as of January of this year, you should prolly upgrade.
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