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  1. There is nothing stopping you from becoming a godfather, and taking requests to mug/raid/kidnap someone and have your mafia goons take them out as a squad.
  2. Not to be toxic, but you didn't 'do the job for anyone'. Not only is that line number incorrect, but you would actually have to change the value in two places, as well as change the maximum bits allowed in a Net Uint. Simply changing that number you sent would break the wagering system if someone were do use a number higher than 16777215. If you're going to go as far as to pretend to do someone's job, at least be right about it.
  3. 3 days was a sufficient ban length for having a kos sign that says "KOS IF BLACK" and then not removing it when an admin asks you to.
  4. This moderator later decided to mass ban on the server, and was perma banned. Not a great staff
  5. If you want to make staff reports and report specific staff members for breaking rules, or treating player unfairly. Have at it. However, there really isn't a place on xeno for you to complain and whine and argue for hours with staff. Not in game, not the forums, not discord. I've locked the thread because honestly, it's just a shitfest of name calling and complaining. Again, we'll absolutely help you out of you make reports and what not, but won't tolerate constant complaining, as it's obnoxious for everyone involved and not at all productive.
  6. Yeah, report staff members if you think they are doing bad. Don't complain in discord, that's not what it's for. You also posted proof of a player breaking rules and wanted him to get banned, That's the point of a report. If you're so unhappy it's prolly better for you to move to another community anyway.
  7. Yes complaining and being obnoxious in discord and constantly whining will get you banned from the discord. In fact, it's the first two rules of the discord. 1) Please do not use this discord as a place to report staff members/players. The forums is the correct place to do so: https://forums.xeno.gg/ 2) Do not spam staff members to get them on the server. It is not their job to be staffing the server, they are volunteers.
  8. Denied Only made app to 'test a point' 'doesn't care about the application'
  9. it was cancer then too, no worries.
  10. Zyngas


    Thank you for the report, player has been warned.
  11. You didn't get a username or a steamid. How could we possibly punish the guy?
  12. Zyngas


    and damien didn't follow the format, or actually make a report.
  13. Zyngas


    Players, have been banned. Thank you for the report.
  14. Of course he copied the definitions from his last app, definitions don't change?
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