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  1. We will not be taking action against either Derpza or Creeper in this case. I'll accept your appeal, and give you an in game warn instead.
  2. If ya want, start a thread on the forums.
  3. Here's a timeline I grabbed from the logs for whoever handles this report.
  4. Zyngas

    Player Report

    I've gone ahead and warned the player. @killerofgames21 as far as him cutting parts out of the video. Two wrongs don't make a right, so even if he was in the wrong in the cut out parts of the video, we can still very clearly see what you were doing was wrong and you'll be warned accordingly.
  5. Well, as soon as you sell a base once. That guy can give it to everyone else for free, since he has the dupe. Staff won't police that part for you.
  6. Propblocking is something that is very easy to take a screenshot of, and without a screenshot there isn't much we can do to prove it.
  7. I'll talk to dominik a little about the situation, mostly involving the attitude afterwards "cool didn't ask tbh" and citing the wrong rule for punishment. You definitely should not create a yeet machine that throws players all around spawn, even if people agree to it. Dominik is right in that regard.
  8. I disagree, we really dont want your opinion. The facts are already there, we don't want your two cents.
  9. The big government conspiracy to cover up and suppress the people. No. Cleaning up people who are not involved yes. The one fella who posted wrote "+1 Demotion", another fella started his post out with "I am not involved... but", and you think you're involved because you were on a spinning carousel. Of the three people that got their comments deleted, you didn't get warned. That's our bad, mistakes happen. The other two lads, did end up getting warned, you just slipped through the cracks, again our bad. As much as you think you're involved in this report, you're really not, all you added was a what was already clearly stated by Setro, and then your own personal opinion. What was your connection to the sit other than hopping on a carousel or walking by it a couple times. Were you in the sit? Where you a part of building it? No, no. You are not involved. If all it took to be involved in a situation was walking by or hopping in the thing, 80% of the people could say they're involved. Why don't we want people's opinions who were not involved? We don't want a popularity contest. We don't want to clutter the thread and make more to read, or for it to go off on a tangent. (Hell! Look at it now) Ultimately we don't want any unnecessary opinions. Too many cooks spoil the broth/stew/soup. If we wanted a public opinion, it would likely be a discussion page, a poll, etc. This is a staff report. Setro provided more than enough evidence on the situation for it to be handled properly. I'm sorry if you think I'm being rude, but all you did was restate what was already said, and then added your own opinion. Just because you played on the man's carousel. Hopefully this makes the actions that took place a little more clear, if you have further questions feel free to message me here, or on discord(Blacksanta123#7091).
  10. I'll add this to our list.
  11. Yup, that's absolutely absolutely abuse. Roadman STEAM_0:0:487739066 76561198935743860 Has been removed from the team, and received a ban.
  12. -1 B2 "I'm attentive and can stay calm." I handled a sit you called, and you were yelling and using curse words.
  13. -1 I can't give you a +1 because I scrolled through our discord Dm's the other day. Toxiic
  14. (Neutral) Worth noting that you were warned December 28th for NLR
  15. -1 Must be in the Discord guild
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