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  1. We sure did, they were poorly made and would crash players. Also YouTube's api changes constantly and breaks addons that use. The radio system we used last was updating like 5 times a week.
  2. Zyngas

    Dog/Cat spam

    Birds are just flying dogs, so yeah
  3. Zyngas

    False Perma Ban

    First off, this is more of a ban appeals thing. Second off, while you might not have intentionally tried to crash the server. Props like that are laggy.
  4. Again, No. They don't have to do anything about it. Again, Staff aren't assigned to always moderate. That's the point I was trying to make clear. I read the whole post. I promise you I can read, and I think I can actually read and comprehend things pretty well. There's a chance that maybe I'm not on the same page as you, considering the thought processing that takes place behind processing a bunch of text is a little more complex than simply interpreting the symbols on the screen. Is it possible that maybe I took away a different meaning from your text, than what your true intention was? I can assure you I can "Fucking Read", maybe the issue lies in my ability to "Fucking read, and fully agree with your statements, and not provide my own thoughts on the situation". For clarification purposes, what part did I miss when reading? I'll gladly take a glance at the section I missed.
  5. Alrighty, so to give you a little insight on how the staffing works on this server. Here's the breakdown, staff members are never required to get on, or assist players at anytime. This means they can play the game freely if they wish. If they want to roleplay, Coolio their time, their fun. If they want to float in an on duty job over the fountain, cool, their time, their fun. The only requirement is that over the period of a week, the staff member must take at minimum 50 tickets to be considered an active staff member. Some staff members will pace themselves, a couple each day, some staff members will start them in the early part of the week, some staff members midweek, and some wait until the last minute. Some staff even go above and beyond and claim hundreds of tickets in a given week. The goal of this system is that staff members have the flexibility to moderate, or play the game as the see fit as long as they get their minimum requirement. At no point do we ever require staff members to drop what they are doing to get on the server, or tell a moderator they can't RP because a player needs help. It's completely up to the individual how, when, and where they spend their time. My question to you, is what should our management team do differently in order to satisfy your needs? What privilege would you like us to take from moderators? Their right to RP when they would like to? (That's the reason the joined this server in the first place) Their right to choose when to take tickets? Their right to player other games, or just chill out on the server? I don't mean to be rude in saying this, but a lot of users expect moderators to cater to their every whim. I think that's unreasonable to force moderators to do just that. I think it's unreasonable to dictate when they are allowed to RP, and when they are supposed to be "On-Duty". I think it's unreasonable to ask them to drop what they are doing to assist you at any time. Just because a moderator is in game, does not mean they are there to help users at that point. Think of it this way, a mod could just have easily started another game on steam and played that instead of Gmod, you wouldn't be complaining about that. Just because they are there, doesn't be they are there to be your servants. TLDR: Our moderation team has the right to decide when they would like to tickets, and when they would rather spend their time doing things other than moderating. The standards you set for moderators, are not realistic or fair. You are more than welcome to join the staff team and apply these high and restricting standards to yourself, but we simply won't do that to our moderators.
  6. Appeal accepted, sorry for the false ban. Moving this to handled.
  7. Couldn't have put it any better myself, @Skateboard DLC
  8. Make an appeal at xenorp.com/bans that way I can accept it and we have record that your ban was a mistake.
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