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  1. Hold up, so he got banned for roleplaying in a sit?
  2. You joined discord and told all 3 people in that group to "shut up because they aren't white"
  3. Head over to xenorp.com/bans and submit your appeal there.
  4. Hey @ThothHermes The determination of your application status was likely from our application meetings we host each friday. I wasn't able to attend last week, so I'll ask around and see who and why decided to label you as a minge and deny your application. I will say, I don't think it's some conspiracy with moderators listening to donors over regular players, and ya might be a little off the deep end as far as that goes.
  5. Denied Bubba, You just got back from one of your perma bans. Of which you also ban evaded multiple times. This isn't the type characteristics we want to see on our staff team.
  6. There is not enough evidence to show that's he's rdming. Your video doesn't show the rdm happening, it just shows the killfeed.
  7. Where were the people rdming in the video?
  8. Closed due to lack of activity.
  9. Closed due to lack of activity.
  10. Also, for future reference please only report issues you're directly involved with. It help keeps things organized, and prevents reports without any substance. Reports are here for us to take action and resolve issues, and it's really hard to do so when you haven't even witnessed the events yourself. I would suggest that you advise the players who made the accusations to make the report themselves, as they probably know the situation better and might have a better first person account, and likely some proof.
  11. Can you drill down more on specifics? For example, You mention things like, making rules for personal gain. Can you give more specific examples of this. It's really hard for us to deal with broad issues without any proof. If you could get more specific it would really help is correct the problem. It's a lot more productive to say "Hey, you were taking it a little far when doing X. In the future you should do Y" Instead of "Hey, some people think you're doing 'bad things'". At the end of the day, we need specifics instances.
  12. Hey Excalibur, Hopefully I can clear a few things up. First of which, one of your concerns was that people were being "silenced". I think this refers to you and others trying to voice your concerns on the incorrect platforms. As our discord rules state, our discord isn't the place to argue about staff members wrong doings, or report players. That should be done on the forums. The same goes for the server. People are in game to have fun and interact with others. This again, isn't a platform to report staff members. The forums is the proper place to do so. Doing it anywhere other than
  13. You made it look like a vulgar word. At the end of the day, you did this to either make people angry, or attempt to skirt past the rules. This isn't how you roleplay, and at the end of the day, if this is your style of playing this game. You are not the type of person we want playing on the server. If you genuinely think that what you did was with good intention, and not to be a minge, disrespectful, defiant, toxic etc. Then I think you might have a logical disconnect here, and we'll never see eye to eye. Maybe in attempt to understand your thinking here I have a few questions.
  14. The time to lockpick/ keypad crack is not constant. Repeat the experiment and see if you get the same results. Please review how to properly design an experiment and present your results. This is bad science, and a disgrace to the scientific community.
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