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  1. Chicken bowl, extra white rice, extra black bean, cheese, lettuce, hot salsa (Used to have a tortilla on the side, but now they charge $ for it)
  2. You posted an hour long video.. If you want someone to review your report, please include timestamps of specific instances and what happened at those instances.
  3. Hey so, I was intentionally being a dick, was told to stop, then did it again and got warned. So unfair!
  4. You're allowed to be on any roof you want, as long as you don't prop climb to it/interrupt admin sits. I'm not sure why you think that you aren't allowed to be on that roof near pd. There is literally a staircase to get to it?
  5. You have to wait at least 24-hours before complaining about it.
  6. What shit dun disappeared?
  7. Yuppers! @Devin Do this, and reply here if it doesn't work.
  8. What mistake happened? You purposefully put the tipjars in spawn so someone couldn't move them or break them.
  9. Yes, that's an offensive text screens.
  10. Now you guys have to fight over the best linux distro
  11. And if we added it @Bubbacouldn't hack and it would make him upset
  12. We own both of those anti cheats, but there's a reason we don't use them. SwiftAC only detects people that are running lua cheats. The majority of modern cheats are external. So it's pretty useless. With that being said, SwiftLAC only uses behavior scans to determine if someone is cheating. We had it briefly in 2018, but the thing was ridden with false positives. With so many false detections, you can't really punish people because there was a good chance that they were innocent.
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