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  1. A PD Raid, which is already a jumbled clusterfuck. Doesn't need any more complications. As of now, it's as simple as Bad guys shoot Cops - Cops shoot bad guys - Noone come back. Adding in this extra layer of confusion would involve, bad guys shooting bad guys, and cops shooting bad guys, and badguys calling admin cuzz they were there first, and cops get mad cuzz bad guys aren't raiding because other bad guys are, and other bad guys shot cops, even though they weren't raiding and then the cops shot the real raider, but the fake raiders shot the cops, so they cops can come back because the fake raider killed them, but the real raiders killed one of the cops, so all but one cop can come back, because they were killed by the people not in the raid because the other people called it first so the cop can come back because it was nlr rdm because the real raiders who called it first didn't want the other people coming in because they wanted to do it alone. ^All of that happens, while mods get 5 ish tickets involving, nlr, raiding without approval of the raiding party, rdm etc. So now you're raiding the PD and have you admins tping to you asking questions as you try to gun down cops. That's a no from me dog.
  2. -1 Odd is a fan of in his own words "Legal migning" and "legalized mass rdm". For those of you not familiar with this "playstyle", it means you be an asshole while "technically following the rules". An instance that sticks in my mind, was when Odd would sit on a roof as batman and would shoot anyone who pulled out a gun because it was against the laws. In fact, he's pretty much the reason for the rule "Batman is only permitted to use lethal force to stop crimes in which someone's life is in danger, this including mugging, raiding, and kidnapping. Batman cannot use lethal force when dealing with situations where no one's life is in danger" This playstyle is the exact opposite of how darkrp is supposed to be played. I'm sure moderators have seen this kind of behavior from other players in game, and it's not fun to deal with. Odd, also recently came of his permaban. The permabanned stemmed from an argument we had involving Odd going on rooftops when there was an active sit on them. His response was "im batman i'm allowed on rooftops". The argument continued on until it was no longer productive, I told him to end it, and he replied back "cool". If you guys are interested, go ahead and search up his name in discord, and go back to that point in time. This childish, obnoxious, mingey behavior isn't something I'd want on the staff team.
  3. Player has been perma banned, thank you for the report.
  4. The Rogue: I could see this maybe as a replacement to raum possibly. Russian Mafia: We aren't really a fan of "wars" on the server. They really complicate NLR,RDM, Police interaction etc. Bank Manager: Feel free to do this as any job, thief, citizen etc. That's the whole point of RP, expand what your roll can do. Expand on player interaction. Police Captain: There is currently a police chief.
  5. You were actually banned for "Threating To Dox Staff Members" while your application was up.
  6. For question A6 you were banned multiple times, not just the one "false ban" for ltap. Given, a lot of these bans are old. COREY WAS HERE Repeated RDM 10080m 4 months ago Saddy Prop minge 360m 7 months ago 0 (Console)AWarn: You have been temporarily banned for exceeding the warning threshold 60m 7 months ago 0 (Console)AWarn: You have been temporarily banned for exceeding the warning threshold 60m 8 months ago GoblinLTAP (Banned on behalf of the jokerr) 4320m 8 months ago 0 (Console)AWarn: You have been temporarily banned for exceeding the warning threshold 60m 9 months ago Old Man Jenkins Mass RDM, Revenge RDMx5, NLRx54320m 2 years ago I also still have you blocked on discord from when you spammed me.
  7. Denied Please make sure to follow the format next time.
  8. Thank you for the report, player has been warned.
  9. One who gets a chunk of the bail money.
  10. Unfortunately, there really isn't enough evidence. Even if I could view the screenshot, it doesn't show the other player breaking NLR. The screenshot simply shows you guys killing each other. A video is more sufficient evidence for someone breaking NLR or RDMing, as logs can't show location etc.
  11. Yuppers, the ulx command literally just runs the command on all clients. for _, v in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do v:ConCommand( "r_cleardecals" ) end So the result of you running the command in your console, is exactly the same as if you were to run the ulx command.
  12. Good news! This is already built into Gmod itself. Simply enter r_cleardecals into your console.
  13. If it's only very very slightly off the base, I could see a mod looking the other way and dismissing the nasal kid. However, If your camera is significantly off your base in order to get you a better angle, then yeah, the nasally kid is right.
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