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  1. Thanks For Applying Sheazu! Your application is a bit compressed as you did not include the questions but the information seems to be there so that is not important. Your answers are detailed and really demonstrate that you know what actions a situation may dictate. You seem ready and eager to join the team and help out the players and the community. Good Luck and I hope to see you on the team. +1
  2. Thanks For Applying Bob The Pickle! I have seen quite a few applications from you. You seem quite dedicated to getting onto the staff team and dedicated to the community as a whole. Your application includes great answers. One major thing that I see is the somewhat extensive punishment history. On occasion you may get a little carried away while playing in game. Most of its just having fun but you have to be more aware of what your doing and whether or not it is appropriate. From my interactions within game I have seen quite the improvement over the months. Good Luck! +1
  3. Thanks For Applying Joeyknifekill! You have a great app with quite a bit of detail in many of the answers. From my interactions with you in game you seem well manner as well as knowledgeable about server rules and just role playing in general. You understand what to do in situations and you can adapt to a situation if you need to. Though it has been a while since you have staffed on a server I would love to see what you can bring to the staff team. +1
  4. Thanks For Applying Dominos CEO Barry Bronson! You have quite a detailed application. From reading this as well as playing a little with you in game it seems like you have quite a bit of experience staffing on servers. Though sometimes things can get a bit chaotic you are able to have fun as well as abide by the rules. The only concerning things is that you have two warnings. Otherwise you seem like a great person and I hope to see on the team and what you can do. +1
  5. Thanks For Applying GurgleMuffin! Your application is a bit shorter than most I have seen but still is able to cover most of the information. There are a couple things that can be improved on the application. For d1 om situations like that you may want to collect proof of that staff member abusing as well as communicating with other staff within the discord. Typically if I am facing a situation like d2 I would isolate the MassRDMer before continuing with my sit if other staff have not addressed it. Then I would continue with my current sit and deal with the MassRDMer once I have finished. Lastly for d3 regardless of the population on the server you have to maintain the rules. If staff were to give leeway when there was a smaller amount of players connected to the server it may cause some confusion and unnecessary chaos on the server. Though there are a few things that you can work on that can be learned through time and experience. So as long as you stay out of trouble you have a good chance! +1
  6. Thanks For Applying Monsieur Spy! You have quite a nice application. There are a couple things to improve on it. The punishments listed for c1 aren't quite accurate. Mass RDM would lead to a 2week ban. Another one would be for d3. No job or occupation can build on the streets, including hobos. Otherwise the punishments can vary depending on the severity of the offense. Unfortunately you received a Prop minge warning while your application was up. I think your application is good but you have to be careful if you are trying to join the staff team. One separate thing is in the future you may want to choose an alternative steam name. To many a name like "Nicholas Gurr" may be seen as a reference to the n-word. -1
  7. Thanks For Applying Unknown! I have seen you on the server for quite a bit role playing and just enjoying your time with others. You get along and can communicate with others quite effectively. There is only a minor thing to address on your application. Regarding your answer to d1, if you ever see a staff member abusing you would typically collect evidence and report it to one of the admins. Otherwise great job and would love to see how your first staffing experience will be and how you will learn and grow. +1
  8. Thanks For Applying DatsOkey! You got quite a nice application. I have played with you on the server and you seem to be quite versed in server rules as well as handling situations. You only have one ban from a year ago and I believe that you have improved on that situation. Would love to see what you can do and how you can help out the team and the community. +1
  9. I have to apologize for involving myself in this report but I have a couple of things I would like to say. I understand that you do not feel that DarkPulse is prepared for their role. The experience and help from other staff and players will allow them to learn the ropes and they will get better. With this in mind I have to say that constantly adverting and spamming in chat along with others #DemoteDarkPulse or something along those lines is not helpful for anyone. My advise is to instead of contributing to the adverts and the constant pestering if you see something that DarkPulse may be able to fix or improve tell them. That not only betters their ability but gives them more experience instead of just being constantly harassed on the server.
  10. I understand that getting warned for something as trivial as that but you were constantly attempting to vote kick yourself even after multiple staff members had stopped your vote kicks. These sorts of actions may be interpenetrated to other players as appropriate even though vote kick should only be used in the case of rule breakers when no staff were present. I merely warned you as I did not believe you need an explanation on why your actions were inappropriate. You were automatically banned by Awarn not by me. The only thing that I contributed to that ban is that I issued the last warning. I don't believe I have violated staff protocol or procedure and that the punishment that I issued was valid and justified for that specific situation.
  11. The reason that no punishments were issued to Epicluca was due to the fact there was not enough evidence to prove such events had occurred. Many times I had asked whether or not you had evidence to prove whether or not Epicluca had broken the rules but you took little to no regard to my question and continued to ask why they were not getting punished. I continued to prompt you time and time again to present evidence to help support your claims but none were ever provided. The underlying reason Epicluca was not issued a punishment of any kind was due to the fact they was not enough evidence or reason at the time to issue any.
  12. -1 As Much As It may be to enjoyably to have new entities on the server it may cause a few problems. This server is held to the intention to keep it somewhat "vanilla" and avoiding having crazy addons and content that will confuse newer players. Though this may not be significant it may be an issue if this was implemented. A larger issue may be the complete collapse of the already unhinged economy. Money holds very little monetary value compared to other servers where it is a bit more difficult to obtain funds. Those who have donated continue to gain money while new players have to resort to much slower means of making money while having to fend off donators with better weapons and tools. This may provide a more significant presence of the "pay to win" mentality giving a much larger advantage to donators that are already present.
  13. Thanks For Applying C.o.b! Since you did not follow the format that applications must use so unfortunately your application will not be considered. In the future if you would like to apply keep in mind to use the format.
  14. At this time the reason I demoted you was not due to the fact that you had demoted the mayor. That is part of the role play and that did not influence the decision to demote you. The reason I did decide to demote you was due to the fact you had said previously that you were going to take over the government and have performed multiple actions that had not been reasonable for a member of the government. During a raid in which someone was attempting to raid pd I had lock the prison door in an effort to protect the mayor. You proceeded to walk over and unlock the door even though I had expressed my wishes for it to be closed. After the PD raid concluded you then unlocked all cell doors and I saw that as an abuse of your position as an officer. I can admit that demoting you may have been an unnecessary action but your actions at that time showed to me that you had no intention of role play but rather minging. I do apologize if I interrupted you role play but I felt at the time it was a needed action.
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