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  1. Thank you for submitting a report! The player has been issued a warning for RDM.
  2. Thank you for submitting a report! The player has been issued a warning for use of Racial Slurs.
  3. Thank you for submitting a report! A punishment has been issued for Mass RDA and Mass RDM. Although I was able to look into logs please try to gather some sort of visual evidence to support your report.
  4. Thank you for submitting a report! Unfortunately at this time there is not enough evidence to punish the player. In the future please provide some sort of visual evidence to support your report.
  5. Thank you for submitting a report! Punishments have been issued to Firstname Lastname and Amanda Kissenhugg for blocking your base. Unfortunately there isn't enough evidence to issue any punishments regarding Mass RDA or Repeated RDM.
  6. Thank you for submitting a report! Unfortunately at this time there is not enough evidence to punish the player. In the future please provide some sort of visual evidence to support your report.
  7. There is a decent chance that I may have mistaken you with another player on the server. Unfortunately there was not enough evidence to show that was the case. Typical procedure in those instances is to submit an appeal.
  8. Hello Not Snuffles, Thanks For Reporting. Unfortunately I have to disagree with your summary of what happened when you contacted me regarding your ban. No time have I ever banned someone on another player's word. Like I have explained numerous times in voice calls and within our dms on discord, I always check the logs to see if there is supporting information before I issue a punishment. I will be provided screenshots of our discussion that will hopefully assist in showing what occured.
  9. Rice Cooker

    Rice Cooker

    I provided the information to show that the situation that unfolded held special circumstances. Even you're unable to recommend any actions to take. I would argue that certain aspects of the rules needed to be reinterpreted to allow both parties to continue role playing on the server. I noted that no one was harmed or interrupted to show how inconsequential the exchange was.
  10. Rice Cooker

    Rice Cooker

    I noted the location difference because I specifically remained outside to avoid breaking NLR. I consider the building as the buffer for NLR. This being similar to someone waiting outside their base until raiders are finished ransacking their things. To address the discussion regarding the table there are some things to note. After my death if I do not have my table then there isn't anything I can do if I were to abide by NLR to that extent. I would be unable to re-obtain my table by raiding because I am a merchant. I would be unable to change classes or I may be accused of switching classes to re-obtain my table. I would just have to be an explosive dealer that can't create or distribute explosives. You question my actions asking why I couldn't have waited for an additional 1:27 to go back and retrieve my table. I inform you that I returned to their base to ask if I could have my table back. You rebut this by saying that it would still be breaking NLR. I understand that my returning to the area and discussing may be considered NLR but I would consider these special circumstances and there was not much I could do beyond what was done. Moreover, I have to note that no one was negatively affected. I did not kill or disrupt RP for anyone in that base or for you in that exchange.
  11. Rice Cooker

    Rice Cooker

    I am not stating that because someone's table was stolen that gives them the right to break NLR. I am merely expressing my reasoning for returning to talk to the base members. I had also died within the base and the first picture shows where my rag doll landed, not where I was shot and ultimately killed. I note this because I remained outside the base to speak to the members instead of going inside again to try to physgun my table out once more. To address your last point I was waiting outside that base for NLR to conclude for me to try to run in an get my table while discussing with the base members if I could. I did not enter the building in which I had died and did not discussed any information regarding my death.
  12. Rice Cooker

    Rice Cooker

    Hi Meep, Thanks For Submitting A Report. The evidence that has been provided only shows a small portion of the story. Prior to my dead shown in the first picture my explosives table had been stolen by DoubleOLink and was then shoved into the hotel where I proceeded to kill DoubleOLink then attempt to retrieve my table when I was shot by DoubleOLink's party member. While NLR states that a player musn't return to their site of death I was trying to RP as an explosives dealer and unlike every other merchant, I am unable to RP without my explosives table. I return to the hotel not to attempt to raid or kill any of the party members but to ask if I could re-obtain my table so I am able to return to RP elsewhere.
  13. Hello Aherdofmuffinz, thanks for reporting. Unfortunately in this situation leaving and reconnecting to gain access to your printer is considered FailRP. That being said to my recollection I never issued a warning to you. I'm am not sure who the staff member "Rice Hernandez" is. That includes the names of two of the staff team's senior mods. As to explaining the warning I will be looking into it on my end and hopefully find a reason for you. Thanks for your time and have a nice day.
  14. Hello Hooligan48, thanks for applying. Unfortunately I will be giving a -1 on your application to become staff. This is due to multiple reports against you for breaking the rules from both staff and other players as well as a screenshot provided by another staff member were you state "i legit applied for fun and you see it as a position of power".
  15. I would like to clarify I am the one who issued your 2w Mass RDM ban iamgrunk.
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