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  1. Computer Motherboard - AsRock A520M/ac CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 GPU - EVGA GTX 1080SC RAM - 16Gb DDR4 3000mhz (Dual channel of course) SSD - 500gb NVME Peripherals Mouse - Logitech G502 Keyboard - Logitech G512 (Brown Switches) Microphone - Neewer NW-800 (Driven by Behringer U-Phoria UM2) Headset - Corsair HS60 Monitor - Asus VG248 (144hz 1080p) 2nd monitor - VG245 (75hz 1080p)
  2. Neutral leaning towards +1 Here's why: Bubba I am sure we can agree that you have made another worlds worth of improvement over these last 4 or so months. I personally have seen a ton of it. You are doing great! You have previous experience, you application looks good, and as far as I know, and have experienced myself you have been a very cool person to be around. The only thing keeping me from giving you a solid +1 is that I have not had any recent interactions with you, which I am sure will change! If you keep up that same image then I will definitely be bumping up my vote to a solid +1! Best of luck! - Remuchu
  3. Remuchu

    Derpza's Mod App

    -1 Derpza I feel that you are not at all fit for the position, here is my take as to why: Every recent interaction I have had with you has been extremely poor, at times it could be general minge, and at others it would just be down right degrading to be spoken to by you. As stated previously, you prop minge. A lot. So much so that I am constantly asking you not to spawn your prop push dupes every single time I see you online. On top of this you were also banned on march 26th for placing down an ungodly amount of floating props then leaving the server to cause a ruckus. Along with these warns towards the end of last month. I understand that you may be trying to have fun, but the image that you have given does not make you suitable in my eyes. Best of luck - Remuchu
  4. I know you will see this as biased coming from me but, -1 There are a couple things here in your application that could use correcting but, I feel my time would be wasted in doing so. You as a player have a very very strong tendency to constantly break the rules or defy staff members. A perfect example would be the warn you were issued on the 9th of this month. You are extremely toxic towards players and staff members, you are not a person I enjoy being around at all. Most of the time when we are on together you tend to either harass me, or find every or go with no reason at all for killing me... There are many more reasons I could bring up to keep going on and on, but I feel it would do no good here. Best of luck.
  5. -1 Every experience I have ever had with you has always been poor... And the fact that you started your application by saying "I AM NOT A MINGE" kind of speaks against everything I know and have interacted with you. You were also warned yesterday...
  6. +1 Great person to be around, very nice to all players and staff. All around good experiences from me
  7. -1 Today alone you have shown a blatant lack of knowledge of the rules. You claimed that you have been playing for three years and have already read them. This I doubt very heavily... You were warned with your application up which further shows your lack of awareness with the rules.
  8. Remuchu

    Derpza's Mod App

    -1 Need I say more then these images explain?? Edit: Waltz verified that the ban was false I feel that these warns alone do not justify your current ability to follow the rules, rather even enforce them.
  9. I have never seen you before personally, but based on your application I am going to have to leave you with a -1. Please put more effort into your applications.
  10. First off, ask yourself this. Why couldn't you just comply with the moderators then ask another moderator unrelated to the situation or even an admin about it? You seemed to have decided to go the roughest route possible when dealing with this situation. Server policy 4 states "Staff members reserve the right to use their best judgement when dealing with infractions not mentioned in the MOTD. Do not question their authority." So I feel that instead of taking it as far as it did, communicate or cooperate then speak with another staff member if you feel that you disagree. I am in no way picking a side, but what I am saying is, cooperation makes these things so much easier. You are always free to speak with me, and I can speak with an admin for you, or you can approach one yourself if you feel that something is. or was done wrong.
  11. -1 You constantly break the rules and do not care about what your punishment will be. You are also banned from discord in general, meaning your account will repeatedly be banned from the platform, and you are required to be part of the discord to be part of the team. You also just got VAC banned a month ago...
  12. Remuchu

    Staff report.

    I did not see such things happen, I was on duty and away from my keyboard for a few minutes, then I switched to paramedic and jumped off of Cody's head into a part of a base. Then you came up, punched him and got killed, within two minutes you came back and punched him and another player making that 3 counts of attempted RDM.
  13. Remuchu

    Staff report.

    Anyone seen doing such actions will be punished as they are found, I suggest you make a report on the staff members you claim are going around punching people with no roleplay based reason.
  14. Remuchu

    Staff report.

    Just to clear up your claim about not being told in chat that you were being banned. You never said you were turning it on, only said that you had none. Now to address the report. You were repeatedly punching people with no roleplay based reason. With consent or not this is not allowed and I must treat it as I would if you were strangers. You then proceeded to attempt to call me names and yell over your brothers microphone ingame. I went out of my way and told you your punishment in text chat to make sure you knew. Thank you for your time.
  15. Has been handled ingame, thank you.
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