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  1. Has been handled ingame, thank you.
  2. (Being handled ingame)
  3. -1 Warned with moderator app up. Proceeded to call the mayor a "Fucking Virgin" in a ticket. Obviously not mature/fit for staff.
  4. @applebruh1605Please refrain from commenting on reports if you do not have evidence to add, or any kind of sufficient knowledge that would benefit the report! @Helav Unless you have more evidence that you have not shown about any form of prop fly/surfing I cannot take any action on it based on your word alone. Dominik will be warned for prop climbing on top of the radio. Thank you for your report and have a great evening!
  5. After speaking with other Senior Moderators and the Admins, we have cleared up what seems to be a large misunderstanding (on my part) on the use of these terms. It has been cleared up that - the term may be used as long as it is in no way meant to be offensive. I was under the understanding that the term, along with any others of the like would not be allowed inside of the server. I have not had many experiences where this or any other forms of this word were used and action was needed to be taken. I apologize for my misunderstanding, and thank you for your understanding.
  6. Next time please make sure to follow the staff report template. You were banned on the bases of failure to comply with a staff member asking you to choose a more appropriate name. Using any homophobic or racist slurs in any context is not allowed inside of the XenoRP server. Might I add, you were banned for 1 hour. You may appeal bans on the ban portal for future appeals.
  7. Players are free to vote demote if no mods are currently on duty or actively taking tickets, by the way
  8. Remuchu

    Ban Appeals

    Appeals should be made on the ban portal
  9. This is an issue on the addon creator's side sadly, soundcloud links typically work well
  10. Does not surprise me to see you butt into this just to call me an "asshole". If you see me that way so be it. Just keep it to yourself please, thanks. :)
  11. As I said, I feel you should step away and cool off man.
  12. First off, here is the issue. I am certain that I (myself) am not at all offended or hurt by anything that has happened. I am almost just as certain that Kil would feel the same way. You really should take a break and cool of in my opinion. You are really taking this out of hand. Step away from the screen, grab some water, do some stretches or pushups and then come back and reassess the situation! (Just a suggestion, not a demand.)
  13. Calling us all "snowflakes" is not any form of criticism, I thought you and I were cool, but if you are going to let the actions of others get between us as friends I will not be willing to stick around! Nums I feel you are trying to make this a one sided battle, if I am being honest. You will not look at your own actions but only the actions of others. I hope you can find a resolution with this issue you seem to be experiencing! - Your residential "snowflake", Remuchu
  14. Mega +1 from me, man is really cool, great fit in my opinion!
  15. -1 Just watched you spawn a prop in the street so that a Cop could stun stick launch you from it (Looked at me when walking back and left on the spot once I was seen). App seems short with no effort.
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