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  1. Thank you for your time! This report has been handled!
  2. I have punished Rei, and Crooked. If you can send a screenshot from when you were kept in the prop at 7:10, either here or to me on discord, I can verify the prop owner and punish them accordingly!
  3. The player has been punished! Thank you!
  4. The player has been banned for NITRP, thank you for the report!
  5. Remuchu

    fag ot

    The player has been warned for their actions! Thank you for the report!
  6. Remuchu


    Thanks for the report! The player has been warned!
  7. Due to not having any context on the situation provided (possibly in the first video which seems to have bugged out, if you could repost it here or send it to me on discord that would greatly help the situation) I have warned nbm for RDM
  8. Remuchu

    Jazz Report

    Thank you for the report! The player has been punished! Have a great day
  9. a 30-60 second video aint gonna talk long less you on DSL
  10. Thanks for the report! Based on the fact that you did attempt to physgun his grapple, it also suggests that it is a possibility that you have done this earlier in the session based on how he killed you for it. I do not feel that this is warn worthy, but I will pull Baqqo aside and speak with him about this matter! Have a great evening!
  11. For the record I walked up to you and stopped strictly because of the barrel, I had no intentions on interacting with anyone standing in that group
  12. I see you are very upset with the situation! The reason I did not see the other prop was because I was checking logs, double checking myself before possibly taking action against the wrong player. Your prop was there for quite a moment I had time to walk from around slums to your position before it disappeared! I knew it was yours but just to double check myself I opened the logs standing there to make sure I was correct! I have replied to a different report with my stance on the camera, in theory, hobos cannot base. Meaning rule 11 of Bases and Structures, All cameras must be physically withi
  13. Yes I did place a hit as CP, forgetting what role I was. The hitman reminded me that I was CP and I apologized and he denied the hit for me. Also, rule 11 under "Bases & Structures" states "All cameras must be physically within or attached to the walls of a base, not floating outside." I have nothing more to add, if an admin needs any more information on this situation they are free to contact me.
  14. Thank you for the report! The player has been warned!
  15. +1 from me. Tom is super chill and besides a couple recent warns I feel he would do great on the team! (One ban two years ago for NLR)
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