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  1. +1 My Take: You were a great mod around the time I started here and I’d for sure love to see you back. Pros: Active In game and on discord Really laid back Former mod with good knowledge of rules
  2. +1 My Take: I’ve talked to you in discord and you seem pretty cool as well as in game you have a great attitude and I do appreciate the effort to make your app perfect Pros: Active in game and in discord Really nice Dedicated
  3. +1 My take: You were a former mod multiple times over and I think you will be a great addition to the team Pros: Former Mod Been around a long time Knows the rules Cons: You have left the team a lot
  4. +1 My take: Actno used to be a very commonly known name for his mingey tendencies but recently I’ve seen a lot of change from him and would love to give him a chance Positives: Changed personality Been on the server a long time Quite nice Negatives: Bad Past Bans and warns
  5. Neutral You seem like a good person especially no bans no warns but I haven't seen much of you and app could be a little more polished. d1) You can't ban a higher up as well as the proper procedure is to report it to a higher up. d3) Hobos may only build on sidewalks.
  6. McDonald’s in Canada gets bagged coke so I’m gonna have to say glass or Mexican
  7. Herper Derpe


    +1 He Is A Pretty Good Dude, Very Active, Former Senior Mod. I Wouldn't Mind Seeing Him On The Team Again
  8. +1 You Were A Great Mod And Id Love To See You Back For Your 6th Or 7th time
  9. +1 I Have Spent Some Time In Discord And In Game With You And You Seem Really Cool And Chill So I Would Love To See You On The Team
  10. I’m gonna have to agree with Saddy -1 if you take your shirt off I could reconsider
  11. Everyone Else Is Doing One So Why Not Hi I’m Herper, I’m A Mod Here And Have Been Since January 18th 2019. I am nearly always available on discord at Herper Derpe#1591 but please don’t spam me. Enjoy your time on xeno :D
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