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  1. Denied You were warned yesterday, application could use some work. Please reapply in two weeks.
  2. Denied Poor interactions with staff. Please reapply in two weeks.
  3. Suspended Stay active for the next week and we will reevaluate your application.
  4. Denied Lack of activity, we'd like to see you a little more. Please reapply in two weeks.
  5. Denied None of us have actively seen you Please reapply in 2 weeks
  6. Herper Derpe

    [T-Mod] [Ryan]

    Denied Too many recent warns and bad interactions. Please reapply in weeks.
  7. +1 Positives Active Seems really relaxed Negatives N/A Conclusion I've seen you in game quite a lot and would love to see you on the team.
  8. +1 Positives Former smod No warns or bans Negatives N/A Conclusion You were a great smod and i'd be very happy to see you come back.
  9. +1 Positives: Ex-mod Active No warns or bans Negatives: N/A Conclusion: I would be happy to see you make a return to the team!
  10. My thoughts: The first time you and I were on the team together we both applied a week apart and made it to senior mod, Brent can be toxic but knows what he’s doing. As long as the toxcicity stays to a minimum I would love to see you back. all in all +1
  11. +1 Miss this guy, only slightly cringey
  12. We’ve had this debate many times and decided against it mainly because just having the mayor sitting in pd claiming bail is not something we want to see and this may incentivize that
  13. lemur sugar glider ( not illegal just expensive) red fox
  14. Yeah I saw that too, where we gonna settle our 1v1s now plane?
  15. I’m quite disappointed with the Oregon rework. I’ve played on that map since y1 season 4 and it was always my favourite but with every rework the simplistic design is killed and now the map that was fun is a lot harder and more annoying.
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