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  1. I see you’d rather have your stupid vapes then have an epidemic be ended Theres and extreme lack of surgical masks rn and it’s not good for hospital environments all over the world. Considering that I do work in a hospital I ain’t into catching diseases....
  2. Honestly facts tho, I dont want to see double barrels on the daily, as well as getting blasted by powerful weapons constantly
  3. It would be also difficult to differentiate what qualifies as LTAP or LTAS, because they essentially mean the same thing. Also the one sided sits again No bueno
  4. +1 Honestly please do this I have a piano that I can connect to my computer
  5. Why should I get warned if I accidentally kill/shoot at someone? For example, there could be a person I am trying to kill, and another player purposefully walks into my line of fire? Now why should I get warned for that, its not my fault I shot him, he should not have walked into the line of fire
  6. but dont custom classes have a ton of weapons regardless? like why would they need more?
  7. To be honest I don't think they would be up for it. More player models creates longer load times when connecting the the server, hence why they discontinued custom classes. Also it seems like those classes you described, would all be identical, and be there for no reason, when the batman class does the job already. There just seems like there is no reason to add classes like that, other than the aesthetics.
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