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  1. Cars are just things to waste money on. No point if you can walk across the map in 2 minutes
  2. -1 This would produce more cons than there are pros. Firstly, all the jobs would have to be redone, especially custom classes, not to mention both gun dealers and ammo in the shop. Second, from what I understand CW2 is very heavy and taxes server resources severely, most likely creating more lag/connection issues.
  3. Saddy is correct with this. It is also somewhat illogical for the mayor not to spend time at the PD.
  4. Or you can put them into your inventory manually. I dont really see the appeal of such a feature.
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 promoting the cyborg agenda???
  6. Yall gonna be banned the day after tbh
  7. -1005 Lol adding a purge is already super stupid and toxic. No reason for it anyway, cause people who rdm already get punished regardless
  8. but then if there is no car mechanic on, you have to switch to it, fix your car, and then switch back to your previous job (kinda FailRP?)
  9. Facts tho, start thinking through you ideas as it’s as if you’re hopped up on meth spitting out crappy ideas
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