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  1. It looks like you just copied and pasted answers from an app to a different server. As you say you would be a great staff member for "civiant gaming". -1
  2. if you got a mic +1 for all reasons stated above. just never heard it from you. EDIT: Proved he had a mic. +1
  3. wardrobe gross. I dont want everyone walking around with trails and minecraft heads
  4. -1. breaks the rules of the motd
  5. +1 active player, knows the rules, ex-staff
  6. Hey donaldduck, thanks for applying. This past week I have not seen activity from you, this could be my fault, but this is a common thing for ex-staff. They will resign, then come back and after one day apply for mod again. I could be wrong, and if I am please correct me. Just shoot me a message on discord -Lolagaf#7193
  7. Did you mean buff? Nerf makes things worse. Buff makes em better. I think the whole server is for a shotgun buff.
  8. Lolagaf

    Cool Bathrooms

    That is literally my bathroom jeremy
  9. Although you were staff before this application looks like it was thrown together within 30 seconds. Put some meat in there man. Make the changes and we can go from there.
  10. Reeeeee you didn't wait 2 weeks. (The 2 weeks applies to after denial date) However, I see a massive improvement from your previous application and it shows you are willing to put the effort in. Your answer's are good and you listened to our feedback. Just a comment about your "i can be a dick sometimes", i know people aren't perfect, but please do not treat other players rudely as staff, as it will reflect poorly on the whole team. Overall neutral.
  11. Nobody uses it or cares. It's just like 911 where you can tell the police the crime and where it is. If no one saw it happen, they didn't get caught. Just like real life.
  12. Minus the location. But theres no good way to log that without complicated bs.
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