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  1. Xeno staff must wear xenorp uniform and face cam while on duty.
  2. It's a +1 from me. But just as a heads up, being mayor doesn't give you the power to change the rules
  3. Changing my response to a +1. Been a great player in game. Would like to see you on the team.
  4. Neutral. Decent application, but you did a no no with a PD raid the other day. I'd like to observe you more in game before I make my decision.
  5. Very little effort shown in this application. -1
  6. Hey TTV 0p_h00n, thanks for helping moderate our staff. In response to the staff report, I did not single you out. I had verbal warned almost everyone, and they all stopped. You kept going. As for the NLR, everyone was doing it, and it was right out of spawn. You all were just talking to each other, and there was no RP going on to break some sort of NLR. I also wasn't going to warn the whole server for NLR. As for the OOC verbal warnings. Everyone was receiving them. I told many people to stop if they were breaking the rules, you included. They all stopped, and you didn't. I was extremely patient with everyone on the server. You were not the only one warned, I even banned a couple people. You did not see this though, as you left after your warn. I had told you specifically to stop tazing and untazing people. If I was "hunting you down" you would have a mass RDT ban, as I watched you do this at least 20 times. I warned you to stop in OOC, and don't try and come up with the excuse of "you did not see it". You responded with all caps with multiple texts. You stopped for maybe a couple minutes. Then you did it again. I was not the one who initiated the punishment, as the player involved in that RP had pm'd me and complained about you. As for your staff app, I had no idea you had applied. I do not check the applications until the end of the week. I simply checked after I warned you, as you said "I'm going to report you" so I went to the forums. I did not focus you so that you would be denied. You simply didn't stop when I asked you. I will not be removing the warn, as you already got away with much more that I let slide. When you have a moderator application up, you should be on your best behavior, and you should not have to worry about things like this. Just because not a lot of people are on, does not make it okay to break the rules. Here is you responding to the first RDM circle warning that I gave. I didn't warn you for that one. Here is the warning telling you to stop tazing people, even if you are just messing around and are friends. Here is the part where I warned you, and also gave another verbal warning to everyone to stop rdming. (The next person was warned) Here are all of the logs of you randomly tazing Tom. These were all around 30 seconds or less from each other, all without a reason. The list goes on in both directions as well. I didn't ban/warn you for these. I will not be removing the warn, as it shows clearly that you deserved it. If there are any concerns, I am available through discord. Lolagaf#7193
  7. Warned for FailRP, was not listening to staff after being told to stop. -1
  8. Lolagaf

    Prop block

    The user has been warned. Handled in game.
  9. I +1 this. On another server I played on I would live to do this. On example is I would change my job name to fight club manager as a guard to my fightclub. Just adds more RP abilities. Harmless addition.
  10. If its come down to a votekick while staff is on thats just sad. I know we aren't required to be on duty but damn, at least I care to take care of the players. I think if no on is on duty that counts as no staff online. But good luck arguing that against a tmod. Edit This is rule 5 under server policies in the MOTD. "Do not Votekick other players if a staff member is online. If a staff member is online but away, you may Votekick." If the staff member isnt taking action, then I would consider them away, thus allowing a votekick.
  11. Hi Roy, thanks for applying! Good application, and I haven't had any bad interactions since the first time we met, and I am sorry for all of the fuss. I hope we can move past all of that. My only advice to you is, if you are accepted I would try to relax just slightly on the rule enforcement. Rules are important and there are reasons we enforce them, but in some cases it is not as important to beat players over the head with them. This does NOT mean to allow players to break the rules, more of loosen your grip around their neck. If that makes any sense, its a little hard to explain. Best of luck! -gaf
  12. +1 Great application. Have had good interactions, nothing bad. You built a man out of bottles and called him coronaman, which made me laugh. That's the type of player I would love to have on the staff team. -gaf
  13. Just because you don't use cars doesn't mean everyone doesn't. i love cars. And i know many other people that do as well.
  14. I used to play on a server with cop cars. It came free with the police class. Once you switched it would disappear. it had sirens and they were hella annoying, so i would hope that we dont include that if they were to be added. However, whenever I play police with friends we all pile in a car and patrol the map. We can walk, but it is much faster to cross the entire map in a car. Police cars would be a harmless addition to the server that would boost RP for police. Id love to see them added.
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