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  1. Although you were staff before this application looks like it was thrown together within 30 seconds. Put some meat in there man. Make the changes and we can go from there.
  2. Reeeeee you didn't wait 2 weeks. (The 2 weeks applies to after denial date) However, I see a massive improvement from your previous application and it shows you are willing to put the effort in. Your answer's are good and you listened to our feedback. Just a comment about your "i can be a dick sometimes", i know people aren't perfect, but please do not treat other players rudely as staff, as it will reflect poorly on the whole team. Overall neutral.
  3. Nobody uses it or cares. It's just like 911 where you can tell the police the crime and where it is. If no one saw it happen, they didn't get caught. Just like real life.
  4. Minus the location. But theres no good way to log that without complicated bs.
  5. Hey, Did you know? That already exists? /911
  6. If you can't follow the first rule of the template. Do you have the effort to be mod?
  7. After these comments below, I have changed my decision to -1. -warned with app, spotty on rules
  8. Hey panda, This is a great looking application and i really like your examples. The sits I've had with you have only been positive. You've got a +1 from me -gaf
  9. Hey wafflejr, thank you for applying! Some answers here are a little spotty. I suggest reading through the motd to fix them. If you put in the effort to revise your app I'll give you a +1. -gaf
  10. My only interaction with you i had to squeeze $1 (in-game) outta ya. Application is good. Active. Neutral (leaning +1)
  11. +1 You were a senior mod like, 2 weeks ago. Just stick around this time. -gaf
  12. That's why i put zaxbys up there. Bomb ass chicken sammies
  13. This is my tier list for the fast food restaurants that I see the most. If I didn't include it, I don't have one. Also this is my opinion. You are encouraged to post your own. S- Taco bell, Chik-fil-a A- Wendys, Zaxbys, Which wich, Jersey Mikes B- Hardees, subway, Arbys, Bojangles C- Mcdonalds, Sonic, D- Panda express F- Burger King
  14. I actually agree with krackle here. Some new guns would be nice. And a good pump action would be better. Not db. But just something better than the ithica. 3 shot is fine. Not 10. We already have good semiauto and bolt snipers. So the intervention would just be preference.
  15. Made this pork stirfry the other day. Pretty cash money
  16. Lolagaf

    Moo Staff Report

    This report seems like nothing more than a troll to me, so I will let the admins take it from here. I have given my input.
  17. Lolagaf

    Moo Staff Report

    I and every staff member on today (including admins) can agree that constant minge is not false and it was well deserved.
  18. Lolagaf

    Moo Staff Report

    Krackle, this just proves you lack as a good witness, as stated above moo didn't ban him. I did. How can you confirm that moo banned him? Cause this says otherwise.
  19. Lolagaf

    Moo Staff Report

    Hello walrus. I was the one who banned you. And this was an all day thing. I had repeatedly told you to knock it off, and you did not. I gave you plenty of verbal warnings to stop interfering and grappling people in sits. You didn't stop. You also kept harassing players and our staff. This ban was well deserved and you know it to be true. And you were not just on the other roof listening, as you were adding comments and continuing to insult Moo, as well as grappling the players in the sit. I will not be removing the ban.
  20. Yes herper. But thats with everything on xeno tbh
  21. +1. But also add a musician job that you have to be.
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