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  1. +1 cool guy deserves chance love no homo
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    +1 Nice man cool guy
  3. +1 I miss you and love you cody no homo good man
  4. +1 Amazing man 10/10 deserves a chance
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    +1 was an amazing mod
  6. Extreme +1 my favorite mod ever
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    +1 Extremely Active Chill Dude Old Staff
  8. The reason why this rule isn’t Over powered is because usually you aren’t able to get into peoples bases without raiding, and once you are raiding, you can’t tp request, due to raiding being an rp situation
  9. I think you are failing to understand that I was allowed to tp accept his request even if my intent WAS to raid, as I wasn’t currently in an rp situation. As long as you aren’t in an rp situation then you are allowed to tp request/accept.
  10. Ok so i'll try to go over every single point you've made. I was outside of your base on the backside of the megabase. You guys had a kos sign at the front of the base, and I wasn't inside your base, so you couldn't kill me. One of your members then decided to start blocking me into the area I was in next to your base, meaning I was propblocked into your base. Since you were then building, you weren't allowed to kill me until you fixed up the propblock. While I was stuck in the propblocked area, a player by the name of Daddy Hobo decided to tprequest to me, which I accepted, because I wasn't in an rp situation or in jail. So tp requesting to the area I was at was completely fine and allowed, and we had no intention to raid you at all, not only due to the fact that it was propblocked and we couldn't physcially raid if we wanted to. One of your members then decided to delete the prop that was propblocking us and then killed me in a mug, which was completely allowed. Since your propblocked area was fixed and your kos sign was up, you were then allowed to kill us. I was dead and out of the base. Daddy Hobo then decided to raid you guys (By the way, you are allowed to call raid while inside someone's base) and he then killed you all and successfully raided you guys. When your friend refused to pay Daddy Hobo the 100 Million, he was perma banned for scamming. To go over your points, I did say it was pointless to report me because I have done nothing wrong, and neither did Daddy Hobo. I DID use tp accept, and was allowed to, as I wasn't in an rp situation. I told you guys many times to get rid of the prop blocked area. I'm sure you weren't there to hear it because you decided to kill yourself with a bind, but your friends certainly did. I would also like to reiterate to any mods or admins viewing this, I never even raided this man. I would ALSO like to reiterate a rule for everyone reading this, if your kos sign says "KOS Inside", and its a megabase, it means kos inside your props. You are not allowed to then go up to someone outside your props and then propblock them inside your base. You would need to fix the propblock before your kos sign is legal again. It seems like you are trying to get me in trouble for tp requesting someone, but as the rules state, since I wasn't in an rp situation, there was no problem accepting a tp request. If you didn't want me inside a prop blocked portion of your base, you shouldn't have built around me in the first place. Also, when it says provide evidence, it sort of means to provide evidence, not screenshots of discord of me telling you things that I did that are allowed.
  11. Staple

    I want staff

    yes you should, make sure to @owners espcially and ask for them to get in game this instant to make you a mod
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