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scrubudubdubs mod application

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i am in the xeno discord guild 

i am VERY VERY active on xeno dark rp 

i have a working microphone

rpname Scrubudubdub

link to steam profile:https: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198880665675/

discord tag scrubudubdub#2843

timezone: Eastern Daylight Time 

i have 10 in game warns but 0 active warns

i got banned for nitrp and not listening to staff 

i have prior mod expieriance from moderating/owning a minecraft server

b1)why do you want to volunteer for Xeno Darkrp

response : so i can stop the chaos that occurs late at night like when i was on once i saw several accounts of mass rdm nitrp fail rp prop spam and prop block it was crazy

b2) if you were accepted what do you think would make you a good moderator?

response: i think that i would bring peace to the server and make it overall a good environment to be in for me and the players alike  

c1) define rdm and rda and describe how players who perform these actions should be punished 

response: rdm is random death match meaning that a player walks up to a player and just kills them for no intended purpose i would warn them for rdm but if they kill 3 or more people for no reason i would ban them for 2 weeks for mass rdm or if its still one but they kill the player again in the sit i would ban them for rdm in a sit for two week. rda is random arrest meaning a cop arrests a person for no reason just walks up to them cuffs them and arrests them and if it continues i would ban them for 3 days

c2) explain nlr and provide examples  of instances in which it is violated 

response: nlr meaning new life rule states that when a player dies they can not come back to the location they died for 10 minutes and they have to forget everything that happened that means if your a cop and you die during a pd raid you cant make the player who killed you during the raid wanted for murder that would break the forget everything aspect  of nlr

c3) define metagaming

response: metagaming is when you kill someone or deny someone something for someone because of there rp an instance of this is when your a hitman and you have a hit but someone just kills u because they suspect that you have a hit on them when you dont have a gun out or anything

d1) you see a higher up is abusing powers to the highest severity how do you react

response: i would report them on the forums and either contact another admin or the owners themselves

d2) During a sit you see someone mass rdming how do you handle the situation 

response: i jail the player and ban them for 2 weeks and resume the sit i am in 

d3) 2 other players are online and they are building in the streets what is your response 

response: if there hobos i would let them be but if there anyother lass exept that i would tp to them and explain y they need to get rid of it or move locations 





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