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Report against multiple players

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Your In-Game (RP) name: Jeremys Spoopy Bf

Player's In-Game (RP) name: zenuii, disgraced otter, master mongeko

Player's Steam ID: Zenuii: STEAM_0:0:5226387 Disgraced Otter:STEAM_0:0:104960333 Master Mongeko: STEAM_0:0:87209878

Describe how the player broke the rules: all 3: teaming together and putting their printers in peoples basses to raid them, illegal teaming

Master Mongeko:carjacking as medic and w/o advert

zenuii: killing player in jail cell

Evidence of the player breaking the rules:

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Hi Jeremys Spoopy Bf, thanks for reporting.
The evidence you have provided unfortunately does not show the mentioned players placing clickers into others bases to then raid them. However Master Mongeko will be warned for carjacking as a medic and zenuii will be warned for rdm.

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