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Toilet's Trail Mod Application


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a1) Officer Toilet

a2) https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198275819693/

a3) Sketti_Pope#2976

a4) EST

a5) 1

a6) No

a7) Not on Garry's Mod But I use to Have a Discord server that I would Help Mod. But the server is long dead now.

Please answer these questions with your honest opinion.
b1) I Really enjoy playing on the server and I know when there are no mods on, or it is either early morning or late at night the server is almost impossible to RP on and that really annoys me.

b2) I know what it is like to be RDM'd right after you get something out your inventory or to get RDA'd because there are no mods on and the mayor makes laws that break the rules.

I normally play during those times so I would be able to intervene. Im used to being the mediator between my siblings. And I also am part of the leadership of the club that I'm in at my high school. 

Please provide descriptive answers for the following questions:

c1)RDM is a Random Deathmatch. When one player kills another payer with no justifiable reason. RDA is when an officer at the PD arrests someone when the person in question did not break the law. 

c2) NLR is the New Life Rule. It refers to not continuing the actions you were preforming immediately before death. For Example If you were raiding and you die during the raid you may not return to the raid because it is a new life.

c3) When someone uses Non-RP data as RP data. Say a police officer sees someone talking about selling meth. The officer can not issue a warrant unless they see the meth.

Please explain how you would handle each of these situations:
d1) I report them on the forums.

d2) I would Jail the person RDM'ing and then get to them when I finish my current sit

d3) I would bring both of them and explain if they want to build they can either build a base in a house or they can become a hobo and build in town square or in the area across from spawn.

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Neutral (Leaning -1)

Thoughts and Personal Experiences

Never seen or heard of you before, and I'm often on at the times you say you are. I have, however, seen plenty of people with the "Officer" moniker on in the last week or so acting pretty mingy. I don't know if you're associated with this group, but it's the best I got.

Errors in Application

c1) Didn't even mention punishments or go into any nuance about different kinds of RDM/RDA.

c2) Did not mention the NLR timer.

d1) You should collect evidence and report to people higher-up than the abuser.

d2) Deal with the Mass RDMer first.

d3) What if they neglected to stop? You don't go into much detail.


You seem to have a baseline understanding of the server rules, and hasn't been warned in a while.


Application is sloppy and riddled with pretty major errors and omissions. I also don't think you're very active, though to be fair, I may have just missed you.


I'd personally like a much better application and more playtime from you before you apply to be a staff member.

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