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a1) What is your in-game (RP) name?

Earl Sweatshirts Lips

a2) Provide a link to your Steam profile.


a3) What is your Discord Tag? (ie: SomeUser#1234)


a4) What timezone are you located in?


a5) How many in-game warns do you have?

31 warns, but my last was may 23rd.

a6) Have you ever been banned? If so, explain why?

I have been many times in the past, but I haven't been banned recently.

a7) Do you have any prior staffing experience? If so, where?

I staffed on Xeno late summer of 2019 for almost 2 months.

Please answer these questions with your honest opinion.
b1) Why do you want to volunteer for XenoRP?

I think I would be an excellent addition to the staff team and I can provide a lot of help to the players.

b2) If you were to get accepted, what do you think would make you a good moderator?

 Despite my previous warnings and bans, I know the rules very well and would love to help out the server.

Please provide descriptive answers for the following questions:

c1) Define RDM/RDA and describe how players who perform those actions should be punished.

 RDM is random deathmatch, its when one players kills another with no RP reason. RDA is random arrest and is when a player RPing as a cop arrests someone for no RP reason either. Both should be punishes with a warn but if it exceeds 3+ rapidly, it should be a 2 week ban.

c2) Explain "NLR" and provide examples of instances in which it is violated.

 NLR is new life rule, players cannot come back to the area of their previous death for 2 minutes. If a player dies in a raid,  they cannot come back inside until all attackers advert "over". A scenario which this would be broken is if a player is killed inside of PD during a raid, then comes back to kill the attackers a few moments later.

c3) Define "metagame" and provide examples of its occurrence.

metagaming is using an outside source for information that you wouldn't know in an RP situation. Such as a player getting kidnapped then telling their friend over discord to come save them.

Please explain how you would handle each of these situations:
d1) You see a higher up is abusing their powers to the highest severity, how do you react?

I would record anything they are doing and send it to someone who has the power to resolve the issue.

d2) During a sit, you see someone outside of the sit Mass RDMing. How do you handle the situation?

I would tell another mod to deal with it or I would tell the players in the sit to hold on a second so I could jail/ban the mass RDMer.

d3) Only two other players are online, and they're building in the streets.

Tell them to become hobos and move to the sidewalk and delete the props in the road if they haven't moved them. 

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