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  1. This is so simple I don’t know how we haven’t implemented this. Thank God you told us!
  2. Cubed3

    T-MOD application

    EDIT: I can't edit my original post but I posted this on the wrong application, I meant for my original -1 to be for ThatsODD This is for Patchee Pros: Active in game Knows the rules Pretty chill Cons: none Overall: Patchee is a good player that understands the rules I would give him a +1 and if i could i would remove the old reply as it was an accident.
  3. Hey Thanks for making a mod app Pros Active Ex-Mod no warns and no bans never had had a bad experience with you Cons None Overall you used to be a mod and seem chill in game would like to see you on the staff team it's a +1 for me!
  4. Hey that’s Odd thanks for applying for moderator Pros: see you in game a lot good application ex-staff Cons: multiple bans multiple warns as Zyngas said extremely mingey Overall: I have seen you in game a lot this week and I have not had a bad experience with you this week, None of your warns are active which is good, but in reality you are very mingey and seem like you care more about killing than RPing. Also there was an innocent with a perm ban. Honestly from what I’m hearing from others it’s going to be a -1 for me
  5. Cubed3

    T-MOD application

    -1 pros: none cons: mingey and always building in streets or up to inaccessible rooftops overall: try being less mingey and wait until your 15 to reapply
  6. Hey PP thanks for putting in a application PROS: see you in game a lot have had good experiences with you you seem very chill Has prior mod experience CONS: C2 could be a bit more clear with times C3 could have more detail too Overall: I see you on a lot and your application could use a little bit of work I would like to see you on the team and it is a +1 for me, have a good day.
  7. I agree with this if that was a problem then anyone in cp wouldn’t get one.
  8. I agree with this im pretty sure he used to have one so IDK why they changed it.
  9. In the motd it says The rooms inside the hotel and the apartment complex in suburbs are considered separate bases. You may Megabase in them, all of the typicalMegabase rules apply. It kind of conflicts with the fact that You may not Megabase in Suburbs. I think this rule could be confusing to somebody who wanted to megabase in the apartments in the suburbs because it says you can’t but it mentions megabasing in the appartments. I think this could be changed to. “You may not megabase in the suburbs unless the megabase is in the appartments.” Or something of that nature makes more sense. -Cubed3
  10. Cubed3

    Best VR Games

    Superhot is pretty cool
  11. I agree but I can see how it could be a problem because sometimes people may put cameras in the street or prop block with them saying that they are cameras and they just have to be “close” and that’s pretty vague so I can see how I would work but it’s not likely it would be changed. -Cubed3
  12. They can't just do that it costs lots of money time and effort to expand a server and if the loading times are already bad and will be worse if there is more custom classes so I can't imagine the lag the server would have with lots of new things like a new map and stuff. I think the server should go in small steps to improve the quality rather than just going out with a bang and the server is supposed to be pretty vanilla anyways. It could work but it's far out there. -Cubed3
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