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  1. Thats the point. they are OP.
  2. The late night hours on any server are usually unchecked and chaos, so the best idea is to just hole up in a base and get some cash while you wait out the unofficial purge = )
  3. 5 mil per shipment muahahahah
  4. Seems like a good idea, but considering the economy of the server, I hope a shipment of DBs would be in the fucking millions.
  5. Sure, terror would add more use to the class but it seriously doesn't add anything to RP just to randomly kill people because you made one advert
  6. Heidi

    Cxdy Staff Report

    Interacting with RP - I think he was going to buy "buckets of cum" from a vendor selling "buckets of cum"
  7. Your In-Game (RP) Name: Heidi Which staff member are you reporting: Cxdy Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Flying in the streets, moving around in RP areas. He was just sitting there, not AFK. He should be staying in the admin sit areas. Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: (Images Below: Shows him sitting in street with my cursor over showing his name)
  8. Paul Blart Mall Cop job
  9. Raum seems really out of place since its not really humanoid. I would love to see it replaced by The Rogue.
  10. Terror is just an excuse to randomly kill tons of people. It adds nothing to RP and just causes issues. The RP it adds is nothing compared to the issues.
  11. If only VR was more affordable.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for informing me of why it is broke. I will look into it more = )
  13. It gets the job done. It's not too big, not too small.
  14. I dropped off of the CoD Franchise after Black Ops 2
  15. Comedy Horror reminds me of Shaun of The Dead, I will have to check it out!
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