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Gang Suggestion

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Hey all, I have thought about it and ive recently noticed this server doesnt have any jobs related to Gangs like  the Crips and Bloods jobs, I've seen these 2 jobs on almost every server Ive ever played on and they really cool, it really brings out the roleplay in some people and it can get pretty fun.

With the jobs that the server has so far, there are no jobs that cant insue a "gang war" but with these 2 jobs there can be gang wars and those are really fun and a great roleplay experience.

I know some people want  this server to be like an OG server with all of the old ways of Darkrp roleplay and I know that these 2 jobs are one of the components, when I used to play back in 2016-2017 these jobs were up there and they were super fun and cool.

For my final point, its another job that has theif components and a party factor, so if you and your friends want to be in a party or a group and the theif, terrorist, or mafia jobs are taken  by a smaller group or are full, you can become Crips or Bloods and maybe even ensue a gang war.

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Besides the fact that we already have terrorist and mafia which most people just play to minge and get guns fast, adding gangs (Crips and bloods) would just be a easier way for minges to get guns early and MRDM

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