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Application Canceled for "Minge"... Really?

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It's quite a sad thing to see when you're labeled a "minge" by someone you've never met based on the biased opinions and false perspectives of others given to them. Do you even know what a minge is or are you using that as a label to dismiss me without cause? I'm very curious how exactly you form your conclusion, do you pander to donators that give you money or do you form your own conclusions on such matters? Not much lends credence to the latter, which is quite sad considering your position. I genuinely meant everything I wrote in the application and want to help out, I enjoy this server and the regulars I play with, I've never gotten into any sort of issues and have actual helped out when I could with sits and whatnot. All of this considered, I've never even talked to the person reviewing applications, which is generally standard practice for a server hiring, yet they felt confident enough to label me "minge" without so much as a word spoken between us. Hmm, I wonder why? Perhaps its because I called out constant abuse by donators, even one by name, and perhaps they had a hand in making sure someone thought a certain way about me? Rather then addressing an actual issue they decided it was best to label me as a "minge" to sweep this under the rug so they could keep the status quo. Money does talk it seems and no your not the first place I've seen this shady sort of thing take place before. Of course, I may be wrong completely, and I'm welcome to be enlightened by what truly horrible things you must have been told about me and by whom so I can understand your reasons. Ultimately though, I highly doubt you will, cause seeing how things are running and how people act, I bet it's been like this for a while. Lazy and incompetent leadership that would rather take the opinion of the people who give money than those they oppose. It is unfair for me to label every staff as this, as I've met some good staff members as well, but it's even more unfair to people like me who seem to be treated as lesser for no apparent reason. Simply appalling. At this point I don't care if you decide reevaluate my application or not, it's not the reason I wrote this, and the fact I even have to write this shows a lot and I'd rather not bust ass for lazy staff who feel confident in the opinions of those who kiss their ass rather than thinking for themselves. I wrote this purely so you can perhaps gain some perspective and understand that taking pointers from those who kiss your ass and throw money at you will get you nowhere fast. Welcome to change my opinion, but I'm not the only one who thinks this, and for good reason. Hope you decide well because I do truly enjoy this server, the people on it, and want to see it do good, yet it's not a hill I'm willing to die on when there's plenty of better communities out there that don't act in shameful ways to allow people like this to continue to do whatever they want.





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Hey @ThothHermes The determination of your application status was likely from our application meetings we host each friday. I wasn't able to attend last week, so I'll ask around and see who and why decided to label you as a minge and deny your application. I will say, I don't think it's some conspiracy with moderators listening to donors over regular players, and ya might be a little off the deep end as far as that goes. 

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