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Admin Kill and Moderator Spook Andy

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Your In-Game (RP) Name: Astroboy409

Which staff member are you reporting: Admin Kill

Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Warning and negligence to what problems are being presented

Please provide any available evidence to back your claims:

Mwgz Who killed xxkelba using m9k_famas
moot killed Mwgz Who using m9k_browningauto5
(OOC) Spooky Kil: earl wanna see the shitmobile?
astroboy409 killed moot using m9k_honeybadger
[DarkRP] Payday! You received $65!
[DarkRP] Spoopy Andy has been made a Citizen!
idz<STEAM_0:1:553006811> spawned model models/props_c17/lockers001a.mdl
idz<STEAM_0:1:553006811> spawned model models/props/de_tides/gate_large.mdl (x2)
(OOC) Earl Sweatshirts Lips: yes
idz<STEAM_0:1:553006811> spawned model models/props/de_tides/gate_large.mdl
xxkelba killed astroboy409 using m9k_dragunov

17:57:56 - (OOC) [Donator] moot: sorry i dont speak incoherent monkey speech


as you can see xxkelba broke nlr and killed me after my friend had killed him and this happened through out a 30 min span and I submitted approximal 5 tickets as well as had them raid my base for them to break nlr and prop block the entrance to my base when my friend tried to stop them and the moderator came and just deleted half my base so they could continue the raid and just told us he couldn't do nothing which is not how its suppose to be as well as them rdming us and when I told the admin he told me just to come here cause hes trying to roleplay and as admin of a server I feel like that should be your first priority when the server was in chaous like that cause the moderator couldn't keep up alone. and also had a player say a racial term and nothing was done about it either.

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Hi Astroboy, So I would like to start this off with the fact I had joined the server to roleplay I was running around talking to people saying hello and chatting around I had most of my audio off and had spotify on listening to music I also have ticket's turned off since I was trying to roleplay every now and then if something happened I would handle it fast and return to RP. I didn't allow anything to just happen I usually handled it if I saw it also your way of "solving it" was to propclimb into a sit where I was handling people micspamming propclimbing and minging so I threw you into the jail with them and handled it the same way everyone else would. I asked you to take it to the forums when you said you kept having a problem. 

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Hello, The prop that was deleted was a complete accident and I told you that when it happened. I was afk alot of the time as well. 


May I also note. It was one prop. 

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I don't ever remember you telling either of us that you had proof of anything that happened if you did I apologize as there was a lot of people submitting tickets and people crowding us at the time we had a lot of tickets but not a lot of mods at the time.

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As I stated before, I was afk. You never told me there was proof of what was going on. If you'd like, you can send the videos to me on discord. My name is Angel Maria#5660

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