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  1. I asked you very politely to change your name. At first you did, and then you changed it back to "Joseph Joestur" I teleported you and jailed you and said you can hangout up here until you do change it. All you had to do was change your name.
  2. Thanks for applying. Pros: Decent mod app. Cons: After you left you caused quite a bit of havoc with the staff and some of the players. I do not think you are fit for staff. -1 from me.
  3. Thanks for applying App can use some work. Use of homophobic slurs. -1 from me.
  4. -1 from me. Not much to add from what waltz has said.
  5. +1 from me! Helpful in game Friendly Active I'd like to see you on the staff team!
  6. You aren't in the discord. Your application isn't very good Mingey in game -1 From me
  7. -1. You are not in the discord server. a6) You were banned for mass rdm. c2) No "NLR" timer. d2) you ban the mass rdmer first, then go back to your sit. d3) Hobos are not allowed to build in the streets. Just because there's only a couple people on doesn't mean they need to follow the rules. Also, you tend to be very mingey in game.
  8. -1 mingey. Rude to staff and players. Not much to add to what kil said
  9. Hello, I was the senior mod on when your ban occurred. When I took you to the sit and told you about using the chess bot you told me "I'm sorry i won't use it anymore" You stopped for a bit and while you were playing against creeper you started using your bot again. That is why you were banned.
  10. Thanks for applying! Friendly Active Knows the rules +1 from me
  11. Not much more to add to what kil said. +1 from me!
  12. Thanks for applying! Previous staff Good app Friendly Would like to see more activity from you +1 from me
  13. Thanks for applying Good app Friendly +1 from me
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