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i got banned for having the word gay in my name despite me being openly and proudly gay

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Remuchu had banned me and kicked me for having the word gay in my name even though every other moderator and admin ive come acrossed has been 100 percent okay with it. this happened a few months ago as well with a different moderator, and i was banned for 2 weeks. please unban me because its okay to be homosexual and its okay to let people know that its okay. 


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Next time please make sure to follow the staff report template.

You were banned on the bases of failure to comply with a staff member asking you to choose a more appropriate name. Using any homophobic or racist slurs in any context is not allowed inside of the XenoRP server.

Might I add, you were banned for 1 hour.

You may appeal bans on the ban portal for future appeals.

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After speaking with other Senior Moderators and the Admins, we have cleared up what seems to be a large misunderstanding (on my part) on the use of these terms. It has been cleared up that - the term may be used as long as it is in no way meant to be offensive. I was under the understanding that the term, along with any others of the like would not be allowed inside of the server. I have not had many experiences where this or any other forms of this word were used and action was needed to be taken. I apologize for my misunderstanding, and thank you for your understanding.

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Hello Dankbreath, I have talked to the mod in question and we have discussed the situation. you were not in the wrong and I apologize for any misunderstandings or mistakes that have occurred while you were on the server. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on discord my tag is !Kil!#6536.

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