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moo banned me unjustifiably

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Your In-Game (RP) Name: bonless pizza 

Which staff member are you reporting. moo

Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: the moderator was very rude was not very kind had an attitude for no reason, banned me for a week for a reason I didn't know I was breaking he did not warn me, he explained to me why I was being banned even though it happened 44 minutes ago and clueless that I broke a in game rule.         

Please provide any available evidence to back your claims:

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Hello Boneless, I was watching the sit and I'm going to disagree with the rude and not kind remark, Moo remained professional and actually kind during the sit. You had RDM'd a player numerous times and were actually lucky that moo had only banned for a week instead of 2 weeks. You've been playing the server for a while and these are rules that are very much well known and should be known by someone applying for staff. I will leave this thread unlocked if you wish to reply but otherwise this is pretty much handled.

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Hello. I thought I was reasonable and nice during the sit. I'm sorry you feel otherwise. I decided to go with a one week ban as a nicety, as you said you did not know the rules. I still had to ban you regardless because at the end of the day you still broke the rules which you could have read. Please next time read the rules thoroughly when you become a role which you are unfamiliar with. 



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I know I rdmd him I admitted to this but I was one not warned for this 2 not told I was not aloud to enforce the laws 3 invalid laws until it was two late it was only my 3rd time being mayor but apparently we just ban people for not understand game rules my law and I quote "guns are kos" noone even attempted to to explain to me that was invalid till it was to late there for I think it's unjust the guy who prosecuted me was a hobo he had practically not cared until 44 minutes later and that's not even the slightest bit fair in the slightest bit as you said kill I should know these rules now I will make sure not to do any sorta mayor play in a let me ask you something why would I rdm 6 to 8 times all of the sudden even though I haven't for like a long time I'm constantly active it's clear I did not know and I'll say sorry to moo if he wants an apology it was a horrible moment to be banned I was trying to become staff and as soon as I resubmitted a better application I got banned  Thank you for responding to my appeal good day to you gentlemen 







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Hello, I understand you're upset but this was not just a small infraction, you killed the person numerous times. I would say a warn is better in the scenario if you had not broken so many rules. And we don't just ban people for not knowing the rules we ban them in cases were their rule breaking was too high. I will be locking this thread and be putting it in the handled section as Moo broke 0 staffing rules.

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