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  1. Moo


    -1 Since before you left and up until now you've shown immaturity and issues with certain members of the community, including targeted harrassment. You've also been inactive up until recently. I can't plus one until I see a change in behavior.
  2. Took a look into it and the situation has been dealt with. User was banned. Thank you for the report.
  3. Moo

    Swaq's t mod application

    I've never seen you in-game before. Application looks half-assed and rushed. From what I've heard from other staff at the moment is definitely turning me off from +1-ing this, even if the application was completely redone. I don't think you'd be a good match for the team. Overall; -1
  4. You have a good understanding of the server rules however my current issue with this is the amount of warns and bans that you have, along with the way you act in game. You've been very mingey, especially to staff. I haven't seen that improve yet. My current stance is -1.
  5. Moo

    Moo - Staff report

    Hello. You two had kidnapped people on several occasions without adverting or waiting the cool down timer. You had tried kidnapping people who were in my sit without adverting as well. You also had randomly shot at others without reason or adverting anything. I asked you to please leave my sit area when you two were down there and you didn't listen so I had to resort to jailing you. I felt like a 3 day ban was pretty lenient on my part, since the several silent kidnaps and ARDMs would normally make it a lot longer. I apologize if I didn't explain what was going on well enough, as I was looking through logs at the time and was reading through them thoroughly.
  6. So far from word of mouth I haven't heard anything good about your last time as mod. However, I rather not solely base my vote off of that. I've yet to see you in-game, so I would like to see you online more often to see how you play and act. Currently a neutral.
  7. Application doesn't look to bad. The two interactions I have had with you weren't great. Others mentioned the hiding in a thief's base as the mayor, but yesterday I asked you to remove the laws that you continued to put up that had nothing to do with rp. Currently neutral, leaning -1. I'd like to see you doing less of those things in-game.
  8. Moo

    Reporting moo

    They've removed what they built.
  9. Moo

    Reporting moo

    Pardon my French but that is bullshit. You and your buddies love to call me a whale and cow behind my back. That is the only reason you've made this report, is because you have something against me for God knows what reason. If a higher up says it isn't allowed then I will let them know to get down and refrain from doing so again. That is all I'll say on the matter for now because I rather not have a pointless arguement.
  10. Moo

    Reporting moo

    They aren't bothering anyone and having some fun. I see no reason to kick them off the roof. Several staff have came over and even joined in on playing. I understand that you have something against me for some odd reason, as you like calling me a cow, a whale, and insulting me. So I feel like maybe this is the reason for the report, and not me letting these folks playing on the roof.
  11. Moo

    Mod application

    The staff app looks thrown together. I do see you saying that you did so, but I would've liked to see you edit it once you had more time to get it up to standard. There are multiple questions where the answers are slightly off or incorrect. C3; Your definition is partially correct. There is more to metagame then that though. D1; You shouldn't talk with the staff member who is breaking the rules, as that can cause issues. You should gather evidence instead and bring it to one of the admins. D2; Max ban for mass rdm would be 2 weeks. Not three. You also seem to mention jailing people a lot, which I think in those situations you mentioned is unnecessary. I would go with a warn and then see what they do from there. I personally think warning them then jailing them is a tad excessive. So overall, -1 from me.
  12. You are pretty active, seen you in game a lot. Seems like you have a good grasp on the rules. I don't believe I've had any issues with you regarding rule breaking, however you do have a few warns. Currently neutral on the matter.
  13. I agree with Lolagaf. The app looks like it was thrown together in a few minutes. Not up to my standards. You didn't go into much, if any, detail on most questions. The hostility comment is also concerning. Overall, -1 from me.
  14. Moo

    Report on Moo

    We were all playing around. Should we bring up you rdming me several times a half an hour before and me not doing anything about it? You seem to have something against me as you followed me around when I got on today calling me a "four year old" and a "shitty staff member". I apologize that you got upset at us all messing around. I assumed since you were messing around, rdming, and being mingey as well that you were ok with it.
  15. Hello. I muted you because despite being told not to say it in any form, you and your buddies continued to do so. I never said coon or crow, none of us did. Derp told your friend that saying crow is much different than saying 'faggot'. You and your friends continued to be mingey for well over an hour. You even said yourself you shouldn't of said it, so you knew you would get in trouble. I don't see a reason for there to be a report in the first place, since you even admitted that you were in the wrong. I can't speak about what happened between you and Parslee, as I'm not aware of what happened. I told you in game when you mentioned it that I'm sure he wouldn't mind talking to you though, not sure if you ever did though.
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