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  1. Hello, I've gone over all the evidence provided alongside one of the admins. We agreed that there isn't enough evidence to prove that he no collided back into the base so we cannot take any action against that. And with the proof that Damien provided it looks like he accidentally hit that bind, so I won't be warning him for that either. However, I will be issuing a warn for having a failbase since he did have materials that are not allowed in it. Thank you for the report.
  2. -1 Currently the way you've been acting is incredibly immature and concerning. Hopping in staff members DMs to talk badly about current staff members is not okay. I do not think you're fit to be staff right now due to the way you're currently handling criticism. I'd suggest reapplying later down the road, because you did a good job the first time you were staff.
  3. Moo

    a report on Pepporitet

    Hello there. After reviewing the footage I went ahead and warned him. Once for the RDM and once for the Failrp (kidnap). Thank you for the report.
  4. Hello Rymeax. After reviewing the footage and the logs in game I have decided to issue a NITRP/Minge ban for the three times he failrp'd. Thank you for the report.
  5. Moo

    Staple Mod App

    +1 You've been active in game and in the Discord. You didn't have any issues that stand out last time you were staff. Only issue with the application is the missing NLR timer, but that isn't too big of a deal.
  6. -1 I have to agree with Waltz here. The volunteer reason is poor, reporting a staff breaking the rules on the forums is not the thing to do, your name and profile picture are honestly gross and objectifying, low activity on the server. The application is low effort. Grammatical errors, lack of knowledge on the rules, etc. show that you didn't take the time to make sure the application was proper before submitting it. I recommend changing the name and pfp, getting more time in on the server, and learning the rules better before reapplying.
  7. -1 You have 58 warns. ~20 of which were from just February. Also the 6 counts of ban evasion that you have are incredibly concerning. You seem very immature and tend to argue a lot as well. I don't think you're a good fit for the team. I recommend reapplying in a few months after no bad behaviour and a change in attitude.
  8. -1 The application is very poor. Looks rushed and uncared for. You also lied about the amount of bans you have, or severely misjudged the amount. C1 is missing the definitions. C2 is also missing the definitions, and the 120 second timer. C3 you plagiarized from Wikipedia. D2 you'd preferably should go to said person and ban them first before continuing with your sit. D3 you shouldn't allow them to build in the street at all, whether a hobo or not. Even with only two players online.
  9. Neutral The application is good this time around. I've seen you online while I have been on recently and I know other staff have seen you as well. The only issue is I have heard mentions of you breaking some rules. I'd prefer to only hear positive stuff here on out so I can give you a good final decision.
  10. Neutral I remember when you did staff and I can't remember you doing anything serious to warrant a -1 right off the bat. I believe you did leave on good terms. I haven't seen you on the server while I have been on, however other staff may have. I haven't seen you talk in the Discord though which I'm a lot more active in. The application overall is okay. It could be a bit more detailed for my taste. Hopefully I'll see you online soon so I can come to a better conclusion than neutral.
  11. -1 Your understanding of the rules and punishment lengths for the server seem poor. The ban times are way too extreme. A lot of the examples are flawed as well, for example NLR Violation Example 1 mentions countering in a way which isn't allowed on the server. While I have been on I haven't seen you, though I haven't been on a ton. But Creeper is a lot more active than I and hasn't seen you on. I recommend you put more time into the server, learn the rules and punishment lengths better, and reapply at a later date.
  12. +1 Your application is phenomenal. I've seen you in the Discord and you seem like a nice guy. I like your staffing history, you definitely have a lot of experience and I'm sure you'd be a great addition to the team (again.)
  13. -1 The application is pretty sparse. You're missing the second half of C1, you forgot the 120 seconds timer for NLR, and D3 is incorrect. Piggybacking off of Kil's response, if you aren't incredibly active in-game I suggest you put in more hours, learn the rules better, and apply at a later date.
  14. Suspended Please remain active and we'll re-review your application next Friday.
  15. Denied Breaking Rules In-Game And Lack Of Activity You May Re-Apply In Two Weeks
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