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  1. -1 Still mingey and has an attitude at times. Not mature enough yet for staff.
  2. Thank you for posting your staff application. Regarding your answers; C1: Definitions for RDM and RDA are correct, however players should be verbally warned, then given a hard warning, then banned. Mass RDM/RDA is a two week ban. Jailing usually isn't needed unless someone is actively a threat. C2: NLR timer is correct, but missed on how NLR works during a raid. (Players may not come back until the raiders advert over.) D2: Preferred way to deal with this would be pausing the sit, jailing the person, banning them, then returning to finish the sit. Or jail and ask another staff member to handle the ban. D3: Partially correct. Only hobos should be building outside however they cannot build in the street. Overall the staff app is very messy. There are lots of grammatical errors and the application itself looks rushed. You were also warned only a week ago for RDM. For now my decision is a -1.
  3. You were on whilst I was on the other day and I enjoyed our interactions. I had no issues with you and you followed the rules fine. The application is lacking in detail like the others said but it does have the basics down. Overall, +1.
  4. Basing this off what I've seen on the forums and in Discord I'm going to have to say -1. I can already see that you being on the team will cause conflict between staff members which we don't need nor want.
  5. I was also involved so I'll give my input as well. Backing off of what Kil said. You guys continued to cause issues and when asked to stop you antagonized myself and Simon. No one said that he didn't care about his depression or killing himself. He tried saying that we should unban someone because it was hurting his depression and he made him want to kill himself in response to us saying that the rules the camera spam rule is there to in part protect epileptics. You tried to twist the situation into something it wasn't. Simon handled it correctly. He asked you guys to stop, you refused to, he gagged/muted/demoted people. You guys continued to cause a problem so bans were handed out. That is the situation from my view. Thank you for bringing up your concerns, have a nice day.
  6. -1. I think your warns and bans speak for how problematic you are. You also associate yourself with people who are and continue to be a big group of minges in game. As a mod you represent the community and this kind of representation I don't believe is needed nor wanted.
  7. Moo

    Epic's T-Mod App

    You've been active in game recently and have been pretty helpful from what I've seen. I'd love to see you back on the team. (Overall +1)
  8. Moo


    -1 Since before you left and up until now you've shown immaturity and issues with certain members of the community, including targeted harrassment. You've also been inactive up until recently. I can't plus one until I see a change in behavior.
  9. Took a look into it and the situation has been dealt with. User was banned. Thank you for the report.
  10. Moo

    Swaq's t mod application

    I've never seen you in-game before. Application looks half-assed and rushed. From what I've heard from other staff at the moment is definitely turning me off from +1-ing this, even if the application was completely redone. I don't think you'd be a good match for the team. Overall; -1
  11. You have a good understanding of the server rules however my current issue with this is the amount of warns and bans that you have, along with the way you act in game. You've been very mingey, especially to staff. I haven't seen that improve yet. My current stance is -1.
  12. Moo

    Moo - Staff report

    Hello. You two had kidnapped people on several occasions without adverting or waiting the cool down timer. You had tried kidnapping people who were in my sit without adverting as well. You also had randomly shot at others without reason or adverting anything. I asked you to please leave my sit area when you two were down there and you didn't listen so I had to resort to jailing you. I felt like a 3 day ban was pretty lenient on my part, since the several silent kidnaps and ARDMs would normally make it a lot longer. I apologize if I didn't explain what was going on well enough, as I was looking through logs at the time and was reading through them thoroughly.
  13. So far from word of mouth I haven't heard anything good about your last time as mod. However, I rather not solely base my vote off of that. I've yet to see you in-game, so I would like to see you online more often to see how you play and act. Currently a neutral.
  14. Application doesn't look to bad. The two interactions I have had with you weren't great. Others mentioned the hiding in a thief's base as the mayor, but yesterday I asked you to remove the laws that you continued to put up that had nothing to do with rp. Currently neutral, leaning -1. I'd like to see you doing less of those things in-game.
  15. Moo

    Reporting moo

    They've removed what they built.
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