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Report on Simon04 AND Hobo Harold


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Your In-Game (RP) Name: Pioneers09

Which staff member are you reporting:Simon04 and Hobo Harold

Please describe the staff member's unjust behavior: Hobo Harold warned me for failrp when my game crashed. I asked another moderator to look into it. I mentioned one time, in one sentence, that the only reason I was even making a deal about the warn was because I have a moderator application, and so I do not want another warn. Simon said by me saying that I was breaking the rules of having a moderator application. I in fact was not breaking any of these rules. 

The rule he is referring to is in no way a rule, in fact it even says "please" in the description of the "rule":

"(Please do not ask/hint at any staff members to look at your application, it may result in a denial)"

This quote is pulled from: 


After I asked to speak to another admin or moderator other than Simon or Harold, Simon mocked me, gagged me, and said "I'm done with you". I think this behavior is extremely unprofessional, and it worries me to see staff members like this on a server with a fun and interactive playerbase. Admin behavior like this are why I've seen many, many DarkRP servers fail.

Please provide any available evidence to back your claims: Check logs. Check my warns.

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Okay for first of all I was being nice and you kept talking when I was trying to so I kept trying to ask to speak and you kept being rude and then I gaged you and also you started to talk about your mod app and even hobo heard it because we where talking to each other in Discord and he heard every thing and you kept on being rude and I thought I was done because I was not going to keep on talking to you if you where going to be rude so I said this is done and I returned you  and I am sorry I will not deal with you if you will be rude and not let me speak.

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