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  1. 1. Xenorp used to be on the map evocity 2. xxkracklexx found your pro thief and juggernaut player models 3. The server always lags because my cat likes to sit on the servers raspberry pi 4. there was a bigger minge than krackle and his name is nacly
  2. 5 hours ago sounds like this was during rdm oclock
  3. xxkracklexx


    Your In-Game (RP) name: Alphamale Player's In-Game (RP) name:xxtenticaleporn Player's Steam ID: (Type: ulx copyid "Playername" in console)STEAM_0:1:179971167 Describe how the player broke the rules: propblock Evidence of the player breaking the rules: https://prnt.sc/rp98px
  4. Stop lying bitch. Your happy because a admin spot has opened up.
  5. Stop lying bitch. Your happy because a admin spot has opened up.
  6. This is mainly for animals that's your state/country won't let you own The exotic pets I would like to own Polar bear Platypus Alligator Grizzly bear
  7. God i wish i wasn't on forum probation too so i could call people no names.
  8. So what's happening for our welcome back party
  9. As the toxicity manager @Meep your banned from the xenorp community at the moment so you honestly don't have the right to reply to this thread Btw I 1+ this idea
  10. Cant forget about popeyes They do have some p chicken Sandwiches
  11. You can post food that you've cooked too. I'm pretty sure that above lacks english but ima go with the flow
  12. But here's my list for modified version of his list that actually might happen All the assault rifles on Mr @Pentaire Rose list is fine Snipers Intervention Barrett m98b Submachine guns and pistols Mp40 has a super slow fire rate damage makes up for it tho Mp5sd I just love suppressed weapons in general Hk45c sound of this pistol is satisfying Ump this weapon might be public already but I'm not too sure More slow fire rate shotguns would be good too No automatic shotguns except for jackhammer it seems balanced to me but I co
  13. Double barrel would have to get a huge nerf if it goes out to the public and @Zyngas is fully capable of doing this look at my glock18 on my cc for example. Zyngas's alphamale ban list Goodbye dancing aka legit aa Goodbye huge font I bet you boys know whos alpha now
  14. The odds of this happening are very small stop trying and I'll cya march fifth bois.
  15. Would you guys start another darkrp server with a more realistic rp system For example like monolith servers they have a whole different rp system its fucking insane.
  16. 2 replies phantom idc if it's tortinos pizza make this thread lit
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