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  1. I feel this is summed up very well. You had a rocky departure and left a bad taste in most peoples mouth. In these cases its best to let time ride it out and clean up your act in game. Regaining trust in people is hard (or at least for me). Just let it ride out.
  2. you broke the rules and got punished. He must have felt you had no intent to rp considering you said you were "bored and shot someone". Dont see a problem here
  3. Please message me on discord Patrick Star#7036
  4. you keep making applications but they are very under detailed and dont show much effort. I would really take some time and think about the answers, put some effort into it. Even if you look at other applications that have been accepted (dont copy and paste but get inspiration from it).
  5. -1 I do not think English is your first language or you may be very young. Hard -1 for me EDIT Also plagiarized from this http://atlantavampire.com/faqwd/what-is-metagaming/
  6. Got some screenshots of you yelling at people with some very interesting name calling. Gonna be a no for me dawg -1
  7. Yea i think this app could use some more work. if you get denied i would recommend waiting 2 weeks and then reading the questions and making the answers more lengthy and more detail. Overall -1
  8. +1 Great mod app and great moderator
  9. -1 Dont get your way to endless argue with people. All of your hostile comments throughout the application say enough There is no reason for you to be on the staff right now
  10. Yea that was something that we dont like seeing people do. There really is no reason for what he did, and plus you are right, there is younger kids on the server. As for the hobo with a gun problem, he was trying to switch to prothief and did not get in but thought he did. Mistakes happen and have been corrected for.
  11. +1 Really good staff member I would really like to see you back
  12. Gibby

    Derpza's Mod App

    -1 Left on a really bad foot. Bad interactions during the last month of your staff time here. Think you need a long break before coming back
  13. Yea this was a pretty harsh punishment for something pretty minor. I talked with him and made sure that jailing should not be used on the people who try and make the sever better, rather use it on the rule breakers and make them read the MOTD.
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