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  1. Neutral (Leaning +1) I would not mind bringing you back, however i would just want to see a bit more friendliness coming from you. Before you left you seem to be a bit rude players.
  2. -1 Little to no thought was put into this application. If you cannot take time to thoroughly complete an application, then i do not believe you care enough to become staff.
  3. Staff are aloud to RP if they please. Moderating is a voluntary position they take on, if they feel inclined to take some tickets great, if not, they are more than welcome to relax and rp with the community.
  4. Gibby


    Ill talk with Kil about this for more clarification. Thanks for the report.
  5. "Shit im 17 to, guess its a good time to find your IP..."
  6. Gibby

    report a mod

    Its hard to make a decision based on this but if you can pm your steam id i can remove the warning.
  7. You know you are minging and are upset that he gave you the wrong reasoning? I dont understand. If you know your wrong and what you are doing is wrong (prop minge) then there is no reason to make a report.
  8. -1 Only recently came back. Have not seen you since resigning. Try being more active and we should be able to accept you
  9. Gibby

    Staff Report 2

    Thank you for replying however admins handle these. Creepa is right on this, im glag you understand what you did wrong, and hope this does not happen again. Thank you for the report.
  10. Gibby

    brent staff app

    Got fired from Walmart and needs a new day job +1
  11. Gibby

    Ness' Mod app :O

    Denied Told people to +1 your mod app
  12. I dont mean the fucking names, i mean you have identically names and pictures, which screams being cringy on the forums, doing stupid shit and getting the other person warned etc. idgaf if you think my name is stupid or anything.
  13. Other than complaining on the forums, send us a discord pms of a true apologie and make a ban appeal. Cant tell you were it will get you but give it try. I give forgiveness to people who send me a pm on discord trulying meaning they are sorry. Not a lengthy post on the forums. If you want to talk more about forgivness pm me. Ban appeal is in zyngas hands. Also dont have people speak on behave of you, you need to stand up and talk about it. Not having your friend make a post on it.
  14. It took you 6 months to realize lying wont get you anywhere? We pulled you and told you, we know you are lying and you you still sat there and lied straight to our face. I even talked with you about 2 months after and said being honest with zyngas is the best thing you can do, you still said it was your brother. You need to learn how to own up to mistakes more than you slightly do now. I dont care what you say about "Loyalty", i just simply dont believe that on bit. You will endlessly, complain about the demotion i gave you for valid reasons; also i told you that i demoted you for 2 of the things you did, not counting the 3ed thing you did (which i dont remember nor do i care). If you dont get your way or someone does not listen to you, it results in endless arguments. We do not need this among the community. You talk about the fact that "rules mean nothing". We go by the rules 95 percent of the time and when we dont, its for good reasons. Again you lied directly to us saying it was your "brother". Zyngas said he would unban you if you admitted that it was you, and you still lied straight to our faces. Why do we want someone who lies, even if its in there favor around the community. Drops the trust rate of that person to a solid 6 percent. Also this is very hard to take serious when you are your "friend" have the same names with different numbers This all could have been avoided if you just waited for the ban appeal or waited out your time. Simple.
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