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  1. Pros : Very active, knows rules, is very chill and fun to hang around Cons : None! Conclusion : +1, really chill and seems to be a good fit for the team.
  2. Pros : Good understanding of the rules, no warns, seems like a cool guy. Cons : In C2, you forgot to mention that the NLR timer is 120 seconds. Conclusion : Neutral leaning towards +1, good understanding of the rule sand very few mistakes.
  3. Pros : Is very active, seems to have a good understanding of the rules, chill guy. Cons : Very mingey from experience. Conclusion : Neutral leaning towards +1, has a good understanding of the rules and seems to really want to become a good staff member.
  4. Pros: Vey active, chill guy, great understanding of the rules, prior staffing experience Cons: None at all! Conclusion: +1
  5. What can I say? Cons: Not a lot, good app. Pros: 51 warns, and a big minge. Conclusion: -1
  6. Pros: Good understanding of the rules, is a pretty chill guy from experience. Cons: on C2 you forgot to list the timer of 120 seconds. Also, in d1, you would have to record physical evidence. Other than these, it's an overall good application! Conclusion: +1, has a good understanding of rules and very minor mistakes. I wish you the best!
  7. Healy is a pretty solid artist
  8. What type of music you tryna hear?
  9. Pros: Very good application, Good understanding of the rules! Cons: None really, very kind and friendly. Conclusion: +1
  10. Pros: good understanding of the rules, Very active. Cons: Very, VERY mingey. Only times I've seen him is when he was minging very hard. Conclusion: Neutral leaning towards -1
  11. ThatOneDewd

    Staff Report

    Hey there! I'm very sorry you feel this way. However, I can jail you If you break the rule of RDM as to prevent you of doing it again and further stating the punishment besides a warn. Also, I told them that you needed to actually serve the bare minimum of 3 minutes in jail, so I jailed you again. Also, just because I'm off duty doesn't mean I can't stop a blatant rule-breaker from doing these things right in front me. Once again, I am very sorry that you feel this way about me. You also changed your name in the middle of the time when I was going to bring you to me, which I believe would count as you trying to avoid punishment?
  12. ThatOneDewd

    Kil's Mod App

    Pros: prior staff, great understanding of the rules, good looking application. Cons: Very toxic ingame and is impolite most of the time. Conclusion: Neutral (leaning towards -1)
  13. Pros: Nice looking app, have seen you around recently, and very chill to be around Cons: None that I can see! Conclusion: +1, I would like to see you on the team.
  14. Pros: Seems like a good player, although I have only interacted with you few times before. Cons: B1 and B2 are not "acceptable" if that makes sense. I would like to see dedication to becoming staff, not just because RP is boring. Conclusion: Straight neutral. I have no reason to -1 because all seems good, but a +1 seems like a bit over what I would like to see of this application.
  15. Pros: Good application, Very positive interactions, very active on the server! Cons: None really, application looks clean! Conclusion: +1, would like to see you on the staff team again!
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