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  1. orange nya nya style
  2. the new one looks really bad, its just gonna be a new cod game activision pushes out way too early to make a quick cash grab AKA CoD: WWII CoD: Infinite Warfare, CoD Modern Warfare Remastered.
  3. When you are playing a game and then that feeling overrides you with satisfaction Personally mine is getting a Max Ammo on CoD Zombies when i just run out
  4. personally my favorite older game is Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Or Conkers Bad Fur Day
  5. The Players Have Been Punished.
  6. Hello EpicMonkeyBaby Thank you for the report, After viewing the evidence it is clear that these players are breaking the rules and will be punished. Have a Good day.
  7. Neutral (leaning -1)
  8. -1 if the person was running then officers would use their taser, besides try telling someone new to the server "You can taze them and arrest them if they are breaking a rule on the law board, the taser will completely immobilize them for about 5 seconds and that gives you your chance to arrest them, BUT if they take out a gun you have to shoot them." there would be so many tickets for a minor issue
  9. Hello Lemons, Thank you for making a report, Due to the lack of evidence there is not much we can do. But i will talk to Earl about the situation. Have a good day.
  10. -1 you tried to make T-Mods + Me do the /checkrank Command in Chat to Demote Us
  11. Pro's: Prior Staffing Experience, Very Nice In-game, Was a very good moderator, Very good Application Con's: Conclusion: I would LOVE to have you back on the team, you were a very good moderator when i was still a T-Mod, you have also submitted a very well made application. +1
  12. Pro's: Very Nice, Fun to Play With Con's: 2 warns, 6 bans, c1: you did not define RDA, c3: you did not give examples of Metagaming, d1: (this is minor since you got it right) you tell a higher up not submitting it to the foums, d2: First you jail them, Finish your sit THEN ban them. Conclusion: You have alot of potential but you have alot of errors in your application. I Like you alot but if you want to be a moderator you have to study up. -1
  13. Old School RuneScape/TF2
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