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  1. +1 Pros Good Application Great Guy Active Cons Has a bit of a history when it comes to the rules and breaking them
  2. I didn't do that? I handled the sit I have claimed in the screenshot, if needed I will get back on the server and get logs of this I don't want to get in a argument over the forums so I will just leave this last bit of proof showing I took the sit after you. If anything else is needed from me I'm always on discord ^-^ https://imgur.com/DjWZd9p https://imgur.com/YOZSPv3
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2052621818 I clearly state the following things; If you say Fa*** again in OOC in the way you said it (as you just did /ooc fa****), it would result in a NITRP ban I say 'maybe' as I also clearly say if I get to it Things to Note; I actually have a ticket claimed that I got to right after I returned you
  4. If needed I can provide proof of what I am about to claim; There are a few things wrong with your report, Luci is actually on LOA atm so she is trying not to use her staff powers at all and actually asked me to warn you for her, as for the ‘fa**’ thing I did not do what you claimed I did, I brought you then said I would get to your sit after I dealt with the other ones being made.
  5. -1 Has been banned for cheating, that and his recent warns are why I am giving what I gave.
  6. +1 - Active - Ex Staff - No bans / warns
  7. Neutral Your application lacks detail in b1, and b2. Since its the only thing I have to judge you by I need to stay Neutral. -1 Warned the day before the app was submitted Poor Application
  8. +1 Active No Warns Good Experiences In-Game Good Application
  9. +1 Active Good Application No Warns No Bans
  10. Neutral I do not know enough about you in-game so all I have to judge you is your record and application, when it comes to your app the following areas lack detail; b1, b2. That is what is leading to my Neutral -1 Warned while app was up
  11. -1 Warned while Application was up
  12. -1 Pros Active Ok Application Cons Bad Experiences In-Game 14 Warns within the last two weeks Overall you are very mingy in-game and that is what is leading to my -1
  13. -1 Pros Active Ok Application Cons 24 Warns Mingy In-Game Overall I feel like your a bit too mingy in-game and your record reflects that
  14. +1 Good App No Warns No Bans Active
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