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brent mod app

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a1) What is your in-game (RP) name? brent

a2) Provide a link to your Steam profile. https://steamcommunity.com/id/walruss_/

a3) What is your Discord Tag? (ie: SomeUser#1234) brent#9845

a4) What timezone are you located in? Est

a5) How many in-game warns do you have? 12, not my fault 

a6) Have you ever been banned? If so, explain why? Probably not sure.

a7) Do you have any prior staffing experience? If so, where?

smod on xeno.

Please answer these questions with your honest opinion.
b1) Why do you want to volunteer for XenoRP?

Sounds fun, want to do it again.

b2) If you were to get accepted, what do you think would make you a good moderator?

Not a minge at all, quality player, I think it would be reflected on my moderation skills 
Please provide descriptive answers for the following questions:

c1) Define RDM/RDA and describe how players who perform those actions should be punished.

Rdm, random deathmatch, rda- random arrest, randomly killing someone or arresting them.  A warn, jail or ban. 

c2) Explain "NLR" and provide examples of instances in which it is violated.

New life rule, going back to the place of your death or remembering anything from your past life, going back to your place of death.

c3) Define "metagame" and provide examples of its occurrence.

Using outside resources for an ingame advantage, using a keypad code for a raid.

Please explain how you would handle each of these situations:
d1) You see a higher up is abusing their powers to the highest severity, how do you react?

record it, report it.

d2) During a sit, you see someone outside of the sit Mass RDMing. How do you handle the situation?

jail them, deal with them after, or have someone else deal with it.

d3) Only two other players are online, and they're building in the streets.

tell them to stop, building in the streets is not allowed.


Zyngas really wants me on the team.

Edited by walrus

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Outstanding player

Knows the rules

Previously Staff

Mentor to other players

Polite to everyone

Active in discord

Obeys the rules

Should be OG staff

Not racist




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RDM warn first time coming back. Very Disrespectful. Mingy throughout the day of seeing him. Kept bothering a sit I was in by coming around non stop screaming "You're Trash" then proceeds to call admin abuse for me gagging him.

Don't want to see you on the staff team.



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My Take: He has made a recent return sure and it may be a controversial one but being an ex smod and one that I have respect for I still want to give you a chance.


Former Mod 

 Very chill just has a dark humour


Can seem mingy at times and may be taken the wrong way.


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You were a great mod before

good player

doesn't call me trash or try’s to demote me

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