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  1. It can be an inconvenience at most. Simple fix: Become a car mechanic (/cmech), spend $5k on a 100% repair kit.
  2. -Very active -No prior warnings/bans -Prior staffing experience -Knowledgeable with the MOTD Very down-to-earth and laid back guy. I haven't talked to you much, but that will probably change soon. I'd love to see you on this team. Overall Rating: +1
  3. Salen

    Kil's Mod App

    -Online quite literally every single day -Plenty of prior experience, especially on this server -Knows rules from back to front, and displays it in-game Overall Rating: +1
  4. -Recently very active -Understands and demonstrates knowledge on the MOTD -Prior experience Also you seemed to be a pretty laid-back guy when I met you a couple weeks ago Overall Rating: +1
  5. -You're very active; I see you all the time in the server -Plenty of prior experience -Fully abides by the MOTD; no rule infractions Overall Rating: +1
  6. You're always online, and I've never seen you get into any trouble ever since I met you. Overall Rating: +1
  7. Very nice application; it's highly detailed and organized. It seems you don't cause trouble when you're on, as proven by your lack of warns/bans. Despite this, I haven't seen you on at all. Be more active and you'll have my vote. Overall Rating: Neutral leaning towards +1
  8. Salen


    I haven't seen you on at all recently. As already stated, you have a very recent ban. Overall Rating: -1
  9. Very good application, highly detailed in all areas and very organized. Otherwise, you're active, and seem not cause any trouble, as displayed by your minimal warnings. Overall Rating: +1
  10. Very active, never really gets into trouble. I'd still like to get to know you, eventually. Some areas could use some real answers with actual details, though. Overall Rating: Neutral
  11. I met you for the first time yesterday, and you seem like a very chill person to play with. I haven't noticed you on much, but I could just be blind. - Prior staffing experience (especially for Xeno) - Abundance of knowledge on the MOTD Overall Rating: +1
  12. I've never shared any in-game interactions with you, but that's easily fixable. You seem to abide to server rules, you have plenty of staffing experience, and you never cause any trouble with other players/staff. Overall Rating: +1
  13. I've never seen you in-game, but that could just be me not noticing. Unfortunately if you're going to apply for staff, then you shouldn't have the type of player history that everyone above has described. Overall Rating: -1
  14. I've noticed you've been very active recently, and you never fail to abide to the server rules. Also your application is highly detailed and organized; just thought i'd put that out there. Overall Rating: +1
  15. I've never taken the time to get to know you in-game, but you seem to get along well with others, and effectively demonstrate your abundance of knowledge on Xeno's MOTD. Your application is finely detailed and you possess no prior warnings or bans. I believe you would be a fine addition to this team. Overall Rating: +1
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